The way we are able to create NEW can only happen on the Real Earth Chaya Sophia

* We are Beings Of Stillness!

When we are fully Aware, our belly, heart and head are harmoniously in sync with the Truth that we are.
The Creator, it's Creation and the UnDefined Heart fully embodied in the Present of the Now!
Dr. Nikola Tesla said, "If you want to find the secrets of the Universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

However, our True Self goes way beyond that,
for we ARE the CREATORS of our Omniverse!

All that our 'natural' laws are doing on the current old earth time lines, is placing one particle from this part of the universe to yet another place in the same universe. Energies moving energies through Belief Systems and robotic neurotypical behaviours.
We got ourselves deeply into the groove and became energy movers and light workers of copied artificial light!
Thoughts that ~ due to the process of linear thinking ~ are only pushing all definitions, persons and things out of the now, into yet another time~space loop on the never changing space~time continuum of the old carbon based dimensions.

So many stories from the Akash, on so many vertical timelines through so many forms. ALL at the same time playing out via one seemingly (!) linear time frame for our disposal. Pushing us further and further out from our Original Silent Core.
We added so many copies of ourselves during so many times that we are Now in for something New, something REAL (!) ;
Let us use our imagination that has created the ceiling (!) of our old personalities, aka the Matrix, 
as the pristine soil to root our Original Tree of LIFE! An infinite bridge between two worlds...
Afbeelding invoegen
Picture Credit © Pamela Kribbe 
* The question remains; who has created all that energy, frequency and vibration?!
We did!
As Original Real Earth Chayan Creators!
We are not just beings of light, color and sound to consume ourselves in the Matrix! We are the one's manifesting all of it!
In Truth, we are LIFE, creating new lights, colors and sounds that we allow to come fully and gloriously alive!

The way we are able to create NEW can only happen on the Real Earth Timeline that ends the finite time lines all together; moving back into inner cosmic time that exists between the breaths.
Moving by not moving any more,
 allowing the Organic Omniverse to move through us instead!
Our True Original Core is is an innocent, geometric place of harmony, joy and balance.

AND, the True Core of our bodies, hence the Real Earth carries NO vibration and NO frequency.
It is not binary!
It is also not dead, as I heard someone say this when explaining natural laws, it is ALIVE!!!!!

AND, because The True Heart of it carries no vibration and no frequency, it cannot be measured, captured nor controlled. It can only be felt through the Undefined Heart that we all share.

When we don’t need to hide behind words any longer, true communication reveals itself.
Undefine Yourself into the Miracle that you truly are, no matter who you are and no matter what you have done in the past!
Birth your inner chayan sun and let it shine! Pour these radiant beams right out of your innocent core!

To the unfolding of the Mystery of Life 
and be~com~ing the first childs of a new undefined race in this Cosmos on Chaya Sophia!
Afbeelding invoegen
Artist ~ Sunny Strasburg ~ Tree of Life
On the Picture above the Heart of All Things DEFINED
that had ascended out of its original core!;
being the Solar Heart of All Things Defined, non-Defined and Undefined
(see picture header; artist Carol Cavalaris)
We never truly find one another in words
We find one another in the silent feelings before them
Words have been created to hide behind,
 more often than not being used as s-words triggered by
artificial waves of emotions that keep us in the dark

Giving limiting meanings to a meaningless life,
killing us softly by our own imagination
Manifesting doors needing be opened
instead of open portals to glide through

We became creatures of habits and emotions;
unfinished feelings from the past!
Lost in multiple noisy frequencies and divisions
of linear time and space in a mind
that had separated itself from it's Self
The Primal Fear of SEEing who we truly are:
the Grandness and Infinite potentials
instead of the finite smoke and mirrors
It is in the Feelings that we SEE
our Beauty & Unity in Equality
the Love that already IS
ready to be felt by you
the moment you let it BE
Use your Divine Imagination 
as the fertile Real Earth ground for
for All that you do love to See!
Plant your Solar Seeds in Abundance
and TRUST yourself
to let the Earth do its job
by celebrating it in the Heart
Tender embrace,
Chaya Sophia