The Undefined Void AND The Original Tree of Life, 1 : 144 (12x12) minus 1 = zero

* The Undefined Void is our Innate Innocence.

The Original Core of who and what we truly are.  

It is in the Heart of All REAL Creation, our Organic Omniverse.

In every body, atom, electron, proton & neutron and therefore, in every cell & in every real universe. 
Heavenly CHAos in a divinely orchestrated
order of the Flower of Life
The Original Flow-er of Life Geometry consists of One Central Metaphoric UnDefined Sun, with 2 x 144 Suns ~ One Defined and One Non-Defined ~ infinitely flowing around AND through our True Self. In this way every sun is able to see its own infinite light reflected back from every possible perception. 
It is who we truly are, as we all are this unseen 13th field, the Heart of the Undefined, our True Centre in our own Organic Omniverse. In reality we are open portals, infinite invisible signatures that allow the sovereignty of ALL of creations to flow any way they consciously or unconsciously choose.
Our innate suns gently dance in the graceful geometries of Stillness and are forever flowing and expanding. Silently enjoying the balance and harmony of pure creation. 
Every sun is a precious, for ever expanding sphere of LIFE. God pouring out God. Allah eminating Allah, Chaya Sophia showing its original Chayan Core, or whatever definition the personality construct might still prefer for our divine Self.
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This picture is a copied & defined version of the void or chaos,
it is chosen due to the champagne bubbles....;)

* Sovereignty through the infinite silent movement of the lemniscat
Within this original, ancient & authentic geometry, there are no overlapping flat circles or any other electro magnetic lines and shapes blocking or ringing this eternal flow of life. There is no domination or control, neither victimhood. 
Every creation is absolutely sovereign and endless expanding via the movement of the lemniscat, through the Heart of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and Un-Defined.  
The lemniscat is the open infinity sign, the figure 8 with two equal spheres, allowing the flow for the Infinite Trinity. It is our Life Ship with the UnDefined Heart in the Centre, the Defined in one sphere and the Non-Defined in the other sphere.
It naturally transforms into a hyperboloid when being in complete balance and harmony.
One Defined minus One Non Defined = the Zero Point Field
Eternal & Innate Balance
The Open Infinity Sign is our metaphoric symbol of our innate ability of BEing everywhere in every moment, the true meaning of our divinity.
In this fashion we are in a forever growing and expanding communion with all BEings. It is impossible to feel any separation in this innate and organic way. 
When dancing with another sun or other suns, a temporary lemnniscat is creating a temporary third universe between these connections. However! This temporary universe is naturally dissolving after the dance.
There are no attachments and addictions that would slow down this infinite flow, see more about this in the Water of Life.
* Seeing and acknowledging in Equality: Inter-Connectedness
Hierarchy is totally absent! There is simply a neutral heart based void, a blanc canvas, to SEE what works and what does not work for oneself in full Allowance of what IS. We are the cosmic artists painting a New 'peace' of Art in every Now!
In this way infinite senses & perceptions of reality are being Present! They may look different, but every level of perception is equal, there are no 'higher' or 'lower' versions of the Truth that we are, there are only different levels of integrating and seeing.
Every infinite and energy signature is able to freely flow through the Original Heart, the metaphoric Big Bang.
It is therefore through the human heart, to be followed by the Heart of All Defined things, to then return to the UnDefined Heart that we can counter-balance and release all that we thought we were, to BE All that we Are.
* The Temporary Overlap
The overlapping shere, this '3rd' universe, the moment we connect with 'other' Real Earth Inter-Creators, is only to guarantee every one’s sovereign position.
What this overlap ‘sees’ stays in that moment. The undefined feeling lasts forever and can be felt through All of Creation.
Our inner Eye/I only SEES divine perfection. It is complete.
These temporary overlaps simply serve as sacred and sovereign ways (inner stargates) to travel through all of the infinite dimensions. In the ‘old’ days we called this riding on the back of the fire dragon. 
It is not at all like the copied version of ringed marriage we have on this planet. Freedom ends when restrictions are born.
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* The basics of all creation 
The authentic core of the void is always and in all ways the infinite trinity of the undefined, the defined and the non-defined.
The Heart of the All and No-thing, that is you, and me, and every one. We Are the One, the Non-One and the Zero! We are the Ethernal Breath and the sensations of it all!
This trinity is to be found in every fractal, every tiny atom ~ the neutron, the electron and the proton. However, small as it might seem, it has the power to summon life to flow like a river in geometric stillness.
We are our atoms, we are our cells and yes, we are the inter-creators of life with the Super Power of our Imagination to inter-create the lifes we have dreamed of on the old earth timelines, to move onto the Real Earth Timeline!
Consciously creating cosmic space vibrations and time frequencies for NEW explorations, experiences & expressions.
Ending the copied linear time!
Paving the path for all other fractals to innocently travel via the the lemniscat through the heart of the undefined, instead of only chasing around it. Thriving instead of surviving!
When we release mind patterns from copied gravity consciousness, from predefined points in time-space continuums and space-time continuums, we are able to move in and out of Infinity by not moving at all. We become the unmoved movers, forever FREE-ly FLOW-ing, blossoming and creating new universes!

Life can be like the stars we SEE in the night ~ sparkling our geometric Life Force, waving reality with majestic ease and grace.
Life is a the Dance to Celebrate, to Sing and to Play together in a harmonious Orchestra of LIFE! [Watch this 4 minutes movie "Alan Watts ~ Why Your Life Is Not A Journey"]
OMNI = in all ways or places :  VERSE = the music
Together we are the ChaYan, Silent Symphony of Sounds!
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"Space is just a construct that gives the illusion that there are separate objects
~ Dr. Quantum
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