About Carbon Based & Chrystalline DNA, and the Matrix that is now only in our heads

* Original Chrystalline Based DNA, 144 basic levels of feeling, sensing & reflection AND beyond
Over-over-simplified; originally, the forever expanding undefined void or vacuum was not able to truly LIVE, experience and express itself from withIN the hypnotic matrix on the old earth timelines. To BE on the earth in a non-conscious and utterly defined matrix, AND not to separate one's 'self' (the personality) from one's Inner True Self, but to fully stay in communion with Self!
The human and the Creator living LIFE together in ONE body,
in balance, harmony, JOY & well-being with all of creation!
The Triality of Creator, it's Creation
and the Original Chrystalline One Heart that we all share
Creator had never been able before to walk around in such enormous density and extremely solid form, fully embodied, and still live from its Original Chrystalline Core. Continuously evolving and expanding from within the undefined void.
Not leaving any foot prints that pollute the host planet and body in the Omniverse, but to merely offer ethernal geometric signatures that make reality more beautiful with every breath.
Original Creators ~ Source/God/Christus/Allah/Chaya Sophia (fill in your favorite 'blancs', eh aka definitions......) ~ constantly create infinite authentic blueprints together with other Inter Creators & Divine ARCHitects.
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 Creating Black Holes, the Carbon Based Copy, 
instead of Being Whole
These original creations do not know any beginnings, middle and ends ~ linearity ~ so you better stop searching for any, you are IT all, and ALL of it in this Now!
The blueprint underneath every part of a new galaxy with an outbreath and in inbreath, is always the divinely orchestrated Chrystalline Based DNA that is an infinite ~144/~'13'-based universe, the Flower of Life.
Click on my website on The Original Tree of Life for all the chapters with more sharings about this topic. These infinite DNA extensions & expressions run through ALL of us if we allow this to fully unfold! True geometry contains the real zero point field, that harmonises and equals out all matter & non-matter
We all share One Original Chrystalline Heart,
hence One Original DNA
the moment you read this!

The original chrystalline DNA was a divinely orchestrated and guided 'testing' ground to play with our own creator abilities. To SENSE, experience, emit and express undefined feelings in chosen definitions of balance, freedom, joy and love for ALL that is. It is a sensual experience based on our infinite senses connected to this Original Chrystalline Heart.
SEEing from this One True Heart 
points to States of harmonious BEing!
You simply need total self honesty to look at your own fruits
to truly recognise and realise the Tree you believe in, hence you are broadcasting into the world.
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Flowers Of Life trapped in cycles due to the Masculine Star of David Merkaba with only straight lines
See and feel the current state your body is in, 
as it reflects back your current connection 
with the Organic Omniverse.
It has been designed that way!
You can use it as a compass!

The original holographic levels of experience always reflect back this original center of the Hologram, aka the One ALIVE Solar Heart that we all share. 
The 13th unseen sphere of the Undefined is therefore to be found in the Heart of All things ~ defined, non-defined and undefined ~ it is the neutral Zero Point Field that truly exists everywhere! The One Chrystalline Heart that connects us all!
* the Carbon Based Copy, 144 basic levels of experience; original split between humanity and God
However, the original blueprint of the Chrystalline DNA had been copied into a Carbon Based DNA version, the moment that Original Creator stepped into an energetic shape.
After its first three energy expansions; the creation of copied fire; light, earth and water, 'humanity' had been brought into and seeded into its fourth energy expansion of AIR on the Earth.
The creators of the Illusion of this Cosmos innocently copied their metaphorical mother, its original creator. This is simply what children do, they love to mimick their parents as a part of mutual evolving, growth and soul experiences. Continue reading about the Creation Story of the Old Earth and the Old Cosmos here.
The moment that both are ready to stand on one's own two metaphorically creator feet, they are able to express;
"I take full responsibility for my creation and I entirely acknowledge your creation".
In this way Original Creators can become completely Sovereign and they can metaphorically cut the external umbilical cord between one another. All is divine play and perfection!
As a result of this copy, this innocently vibrational ascension out of the Solar Chayan Heart of the Undefined into the Heart of All Things Defined, this carbon based cosmos started with twelve copied horizontal vibrations/dimensions, 6 infinite and 6 energetic, and twelve copied vertical frequencies for each vibration. Twelve times Twelve = 144.
However as the Lemurians ascended even further out their Original Core, humanity totally lost their connection to the UnDefined Heart, their True Inner Core, all the dimensions became energetic, as the 6 left over infinite vibrations simply copied the 6 previous energetic one's.
Hence, the carbon based copy completely turned into a black hole with a beginning, a middle and an end, and the conscious connection with the Original Chrystalline Heart, the UnDefined Void that holds it all together had been lost! Cosmic time changed into linear time.
Energy becoming finite is energy simply following its course, as all energy has a tendency to rise itself naturally! However we can rise all our way up to the top, until we bang with our heads onto the ceiling ~ the 'end' ~ of the 12th dimension and the 12th frequency.
So long story short, the Carbon Based DNA became a '12-based holographic creation' (instead of 13-based, as it is the '13th' inner heart/doorway/open portal that keeps it all together).
It created our three Lemurian compressed, so called 'feminine' energy centres (instead of ONE LIFE Force centre);
head/mind, 'ascended' heart (too high!) and belly/womb
The belly as the original womb linking back
'as an umbilical cord'
to the Original Chrystalline Heart
The Original Crystalline Blueprint offers 144 non-hierarchical basic levels of reflection; 
experiencing & expressing our infinite imagination that is being reflected back to us, 
via 12 infinite silent vibrations.
The Carbon Based Copy offered 144 basic levels of experience
energy vibrating higher and higher trying to find itself
increasingly higher up, creating time after time,
hence more and more lost from itself as it moved away from Self
recycling itself in the self consuming cycles
You might compare the vibrations or dimensions with playing field levels and the frequencies like the different play toys within that play. Or if you like this better, you can compare it with artificial computer games where the frequencies are the different play tools within the same vibrational game levels.
And in the Carbon Based DNA copy there were only 12 energetic copied vibrations left in a finite field of experience, instead of an infinite field of genuine reflection.
The Original ALIVE Chrystalline Heart of All things defined, non-defined and undefined had been replaced by a finite Heart of All Defined things, by Lemurians called 'the Akene'. As the heart had ascended out of the true heart, its unnatural copied form and position was 'too high up'!
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See pictures of the infinity cycle of the current sun cycle, like the one on this page! And see the position of the human heart, left from the centre and too high up, and the Lemurian Energetic Heart in the Thymus that is too high up as well.
Due to the fact that our Original Chrystalline Core, the Solar Plexus, had been bended back by copied programmed light;
Solar Plexus means 'the Sun Connenction bended back or pushed out'.
The Solar Plexus had been demonised in the Matrix as 'ego' to cover up and separate us from our true divine connection! The Solar Plexus chakra is being ABused via an external bypass to pull in pre-defined EMF energies from outside-in, to unconsciously block it from it's original inside-out function. Much more to share about this later, bookmark and check out this page if you will.
So the Original One Heart that connect us all (the unseen 13th element) had been left out in the fields of experience and all the experiences through the Carbon Based DNA became literally lifeless. See my short You Tube movie here.
All beings in this Carbon Based Cosmos had been transformed 
into beings of only light, time and space
* Atlantean Ascension out of the Oneness that shaped The Matrix; left over levels of artificial experience in the finite
This illusion of who we truly are, became even bigger when a minority (2 billion beings) in Atlantean times tried to ascend out of this reality without taking with them the rest of humanity. These ascended beings felt superior to the 'other' beings they left behind.
Due to all of this, they had ascended not from the original heart, neither from the heart of their flower, the Carbon Based DNA, nor from the divine mind! They had literally copied consciousness and ascended out of the copied Carbon Based mind via the pineal gland through heartless technologies!
It meant the birth of the separate mind, 
and the total abuse of the even further watered down energy centres, 
defined as 'masculine' chakra's that work outside-in
as doors that only open to one side,
to the external realms for mind control and even more energy feeding.
It totally opened the door for the Experiment of Free Intelligence to fully take charge of, and hijack this ice-olated mind that had litterally become an ARTIficial computer!
So the Carbon Based DNA copy is also being overshadowed by a limited inorganic version of itself
on the old earth timelines!
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From that moment, we did not only have 12 copied carbon based dimensions, we got twelve distorting mind frequencies as well, pun intended. The first two copied mind frequencies are our current physical DNA!!
What has happened is that within every copied carbon based dimension, the highest frequency had been used!!
So from all the 144 carbon based frequencies the highest frequency within every dimension of vibration had been hijacked and had been taken charge of! These are FREE ENERGY frequencies through which we create via our own imagination! Only one matrix frequency in each carbon based copied dimension is being used by ARTIficial Intelligence!!!!
Our original 12 highest frequencies have been used to copy 188 (10x10+88) horizontal space~time continuums. In these separated space~time continuums Artificial Intelligence let us create our own time~space continuums, via our own imagination via the seductive outside-in working Law of Attraction, instead of our Natural ART of Allowing.
This kind of finite in-finite energy moving from down and up, and vice versa can only work in a place where the Undefined Heart, the 13th element has been left out!
So we have 12 carbon based copied dimensions, 
hence 12 x 12 = 144 carbon based frequencies levels,
felt in physical form via 2 modified DNA strands; E-MOTIONS  +
188 separate MIND matrix subfrequencial levels of experience
mostly translated via 5 modified, limiting senses
AND through these hijacked matrix frequencies our imagination had been used to repetitively create 'new' subfrequencial ~ time space continuums ~ to keep our personalities time looping and light consuming.
Constantly pulling us back in the 'ascension heavens (and hells)' through the copied gravitation wells of the collective consciousness, via our 'stolen' frequencies, our own imagination (!)! These black holes or copied gravitational wells became the meager, lacking (gut leaking) substitute for our One Original Chrystalline Chayan Heart!
Therefore, we kept searching for ourselves outside of ourselves. Always looking in the future and in the past, never within! Through left over levels of experience searching in the Finite!
* Copying Consciousness in an Artificial Omniverse
All these heartless, intelligent experiences copy consciousness and reflect back at us that which we are not, as constant reminders of who we truly are. It truly is a beast version of 'reality'. Surviving instead of Living!
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With our current two physical, genetically modified DNA strands many more illusions had been created with our own imagination, so we scattered and shattered ourselves even further away from our True Core. The heavily constructed personalities often cannot see the organic forest for the inorganic trees.
On top of that have our current 5 senses and our brains been designed in such a way that the majority of humanity was only able to translate their reality outside-in through these chakra's and the two extremely limiting physical DNA strands that hooked up with the copied 4D heart and the hijacked 8D pineal gland.
It kept us and the earth tightly away from our Heart, our inner chayan sun. Our pure language of life and awareness has been copied by the intelligent, ice-olated, heartless mind Matrix to dominate, manipulate, brain wash & control in order to let us create our own Babelic confusion and misalignments.
Our imagination has been used against us!
Please read "The Elephant in the Room" here.
Our physical DNA had been altered in such a way that it tried to prevent us to be the crystal clear decoders, aka SENSES, of our reality they originally are.
So within the old carbon based DNA, the separate mind is a computer with our 'own' personalities used as a virus to prevent our True Self from clearly translating reality from the inside out!
The majority of humanity only experienced 'reality' from within one hijacked frequency within every copied carbon based dimension and time looping unreal pockets of sub-frequential 'realities. So I get that it is impossible to grasp these multidimensional sharings with the brains, they can only be FELT and SENSED.
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* Killing ourselves soflty through our own imagination
By constantly instigating, triggering and feeding our fear and other copied feelings that stem from fear, aka emotions, our personalities had been kept prisoners in a battery that feeds itself via the 'fear and flight-modus'. These finite artificial programmes have all been designed to keep our focus away from experiencing our other levels via the Carbon Based DNA, let alone translating reality in a more natural innocent loving chrystalline way.
Fascinating fact that our other invisible, etheric 142 Carbon Based DNA strands had been defined as 'junk', isn't it?! It a our key to cleanse and clear the old though, and to make space for the new!
We kept our mental, astral and e-motional pain bodies in the AIR instead, by broadcasting the artificial Electro Magnetic Frequencies (see more here and here). Unknowingly feeding our 7 alternate physical self's through our e-motions, thoughts and BeLIEf systems (BS) in this way........
Please see these 7 alternate physical self's as innocent children, rather than silly definitions as 'sheep' or 'clones', for they are all carrying the collective pain and unconscious attributes of our True Self that original creators were not able to transform and heal/whole yet.
So all in all, humanity had been indoctrinated lately to keep focussing on and feeding the illusions, instead of experiencing and expressing our True Core. We have been unknowingly and unconsciously killing ourselves soflty through our own imagination.
There is quite an extensive, but finite (!) buffet nowadays of programmed frequencies to 'experience' these illusions that have been extremely overshadowing our original divine, crystalline vibrations.
It is the manipulation of reality perception through the cell's antennas or receptors!
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 The way our cells are communicating, through outside-in working antennas or receptors!
Picture Credit; Bruce Lipton
This manipulation of perception reality is consciously and unconsciously being broadcasted through the collective consciousness, by finite media and hijacked alternative media outlets, religious and spiritual institutions, 'health' care, multi-nationals, governments and what have we not.
The result of all of this is that we made the current 'reality' and the illusions soooooo much bigger than they truly are and our infinite imagination way, way smaller than necessary. There is no point in suffering really Buddha, it truly is a choice.....!
However the blueprint of this Organic Omniverse, the name of our game has been and still is FREE will! We are no victims, we are Creators!
Our e-motional levels of left over experience have become a divine play of 'Hide and Seek'
in the dualistic environment of the Matrix.
Both poles of the duality had been defined as 'light' and 'dark' in the materialistic low density form. However in the original blueprint they are simply our original geometric magnetic & geometric gravitational Playing Fields to pulse out our infinite & sovereign creations.
These poles are ready to be reunited in our Chrystalline Core, the True Heart that is our original silent gravity centre.
To integrate it all, to stop the games of energy feeding, and continue to dance and play with all the Creationsl!
The current game is to SEE through the pre-defined perceptions and illusions, realising (REAL-eyes-ing) that the artificially created Belief Systems (BS) through which we allow to perceive AND define our internal 'reality' are the filters through which we perceive external reality as well.
Simply Feel through your 'hijacked' Infinite Imagination 
that all of our experiences are intended to be harmonious, loving, joyous and in balance!
AND  connect your Pineal Gland, and all of your brains, energy centres
and your senses back to your Original Chrystalline Inner Core!
Blend them as ONE portal inside your True Centre!
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* Humanity had become 'a Slave Race', the batteries for the alternate mental pain bodies
Long linear (hi)story short; an 'inferior' slave race had been created out of the rest of humanity in more finite ways and with more thinkable and unthinkable mind control than most people can wrap their heads around right now. The painbody forces that we handed over our power and potentials, are desperately trying to keep us DIVIDED and in pain, to rule us in one of the two circles/cycles of the duality loop.
We all need to see there is another way but just to suffer! 
Painbodies can become sovereign creations too if they so choose!
The vast majority of humanity experienced life through only 1 or 2 copied mind subfrequencies and a lot more sub-sub-sub-frequencies! All according to the pre-programmed limiting definitions of the Matrix! Making a heartless, FEAR based reality look very real. (Movie tips: World on a wire, The Thirteenth Floor, [both movies I found after having written this article ;)]) and The Matrix)
So instead of our original 12 (6 energetic and 6 infinite) Carbon Based dimensions and 144 frequencies to choose from, we got a hellish bunch of noisy, extra dominant mind subfrequencies instead. These EMF mind frequencies created billions of illusions, like very narrow and deluding parasitic personality constructs and compressed body vehicles. It made it so very difficult for us to come back to our genuine heart space!
Can we even begin to imagine the immensely GRAND degree of un-learning, un-covering, transforming, integrating, growing and evolving we are challenging ourselves with right now? Which can spontaneously happen within the blink of an eye/I, in no-time....... in this Now! In the now, we are whole!
It is divine time to increasingly peel away layers of what we are not, to truly perceive and SEE the reality of what or who we truly are.
The so called gravitational 'dark' is only able to keep on ruling if the light is not ready to fully take responsibility for all of its creations or if it does not see and equally acknowledge who and what it truly is. The dark simply cannot exist in the eternal presence of the living light.
All that the dark represents are unfinished feelings from the past; our emotions. 
It might be an inconvenient truth.
When we allow ourselves to be the Divine Core, the Truth that we innocently Are, and SEE this divinity being reflected back everywhere ~ no matter the circumstances ~ we have truly become Grand Embodied Creators or Avatars of Life in-deed!
'Mastering' life in embodied form will bring us to a point where it does not really matter what we see around us! This is simply due to the fact that we can become aware that we choose the way in which we perceive life, that we ARE the Creators, and that all of life is simply pouring out of us. A true embodied 'master' does not need slaves of pains and chains!
As adult creators of life itself, we take full responsibility for our creator~ship and how we perceive our creations. We are always and in all ways able to directly choose our feelings and thoughts about our perceptions and experiences! Instead of blindly, obediently, habitually, cult-ishly and therefore unconsciously following the precoded and scripted mind programmes of the matrix. It's not real fun to be on auto-pilot, is it?! Time to change the channels and BE a living flow-er of Life!
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Organic Creators tend to naturally choose for the purest and real feeling of all: undefined feelings of respect, love & allowance!
We can even hold this Silent Space of Allowance for the emotions and emotional tantrums from personality constructs to lash out. Whether we observe one of our own personalities or external one's gossipping, judging, hating and fighting. These fake conditioned identity constructs are simply the scattered, dumbed-down dwarf versions of who we truly are....
VITAL add; It does not mean that we need to stay in manipulative and abusive relations though! When we have un-learned to hate and diminish ourselves, we are innately choosing for Self respect, allowance and love in every way, shape and form!
* Making Life REAL on the Real Earth
Welcome! You made it until this specific moment in time!
Right now, All of the beings that ever existed on this old planet EARth are Present! Before we came into physical form, before our physical 'birth', we stood in line to be able to experience this current Grand Shift in our human bodies, because this is our TOP Life!
Our Top Life has been orchestrated in this divine way to truly FORGIVE ourselves, to non-define, non-spell preprogrammed words, to re-balance, to embrace our totality, integrate it all & to take full responsibility for all of our creations. All of them! As we are a fractal containing the Total Oneness that we are. We are here to see through the illusions and follow our own intuition get us out of the labyrinth of copies within copies. To make life REAL on the Real Earth Timeline that reveals the True Chaya Sophia.
We have proven to ourselves that even with the tiniest left over levels to experience our divinity, we still have the strength and the courage to awaken from the current holofractual dream and to take over the steering wheel to create a NEW, aka REAL world, from the Chrystalline Chayan Heart!
When you are reading this, simply FEEL that you are here because you are one of the Strongest And Brightest of your earth, star and solar family! You are here because you bring Your unique Gift with you! For yourself and for humanity, for the benefit of All that is!
And it is up to us to stay out of our comfort zones as much as we can, and to do all things possible and impossible to reveal our True Gifts and start offering it to our Self and to the world!
Simply be Aware that everything that is blocking us to crystal clearly SEE ALL of our innate & infinite brilliance & magnificence are simply boring, old, hence predictable mind controlling programmes trying to keep our fictional personalities small, addicted, ignorant and insignificant. So we keep buying into the 'Calimero' stories of us and do not see the Truth of Us!
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Photo Credit: Jati Putra Pratama
Soon, reincarnation will be only necessary when it is a free choice. It will not be a pre-programmed and limiting choice or a 'necessity' any longer.
So much more of our innate Magic is at our finger tips! Meta miracles and synchronicities are ready to burst out of their bubbles of separation! You might already experience the walls of the old reality crumbling down in so many ways.
To be continued here; as humanity blended back with the Chrystalline, Infinite DNA;
"Mind the GAP; Back to the Original Infinite Blueprint for this Organic Omniverse!"
And another reading tip to make things more clear is to continue here; "The Original Tree of Life is our 144-based Crystalline DNA, the Flower of Life" and to read all the chapters underneath.
See/Feel also my You Tube river about "DNA 144 Carbon Based DNA, the Unfolding & Transforming, Segmented Feelings" and my other video's.
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Are we creating New Flowers of Beauty?
Or stepping down on 'other' one's?
We never ever become 'more'
by trying to make others 'less'
~ Chaya Sophia