What is the meaning of our Top Life? AND; Ascension or Inscension/Integration

* About our Top Life
This is your Top Life!
It means that we all have the same opportunity to blend all of our shattered and scattered suns, stars & stardust, ~ our linear present, former and future life experiences ~ together as one! In order to non-define it, 'birth' our Inner Suns and make life real!
The following truths are very multi-dimensional and extremely difficult to be fully grasped by any separated mind. So please take a couple of deep breahts first and tune into the feelings behind the words, if you will, rather than merely intellectualizing it.
 Just for a moment imagine yourself
living in 12 Universes at the same time,
fragmented into 144 copied vibrations;
12 vibration for each universe,
times 12 copied frequencies per vibration 
times 12 potentials per frequency and so forth!
So we have all these different levels of experience
to comprehend or innerstand the whole better
 to then realise (Real Eyes/"I"'s), aka to SEE
the Truth
that we, that YOU, Are the Heart of All Things
all things defined, non-defined and undefined!
And literally 'on top of' that, we have this hijacked 'reality'. All playing out inside the separate mind; a computer, an illusionary and limiting EMF Matrix with its copied dimensions into frequencies, subfrequencies, fire walls and unreal personality virusses.
No matter which choices we made, no matter where you are now and how you feel about it, all choices are equal and ultimately lead you back home to Self! Together with the parallel realities for every choice we did not make in the current perceived reality, all is is equal balance!
Your old choices do not really matter because all these timelines are currently melting right back into this linear top life! Aaah yes, the ultimate divine perfection of it all when we allow it gracefully to unfold!
 See the Linear Time Deception here!
* You are writing your own script of life
What you just imagined is more real than the 5 limiting senses are able to perceive. These distracting senses have been designed to only watch the movie screen from the Matrix, and to let it all play out unconsciously. Perceiving 'life' outside-in, like a virtual reality......., forgetting that we are the projector...., the director, the script, the movies and all the players and the non-definitions and undefinitions of it all.
It is what the collective 'consciousness' has defined as 'life', but what has been more like a silly, blindfolded survival play of light and dark in a linear illusion. Light that has been bended that gives any energy its copied vibrations and frequencies!
That which you have been imagining though, is your current Top Life perception of the totality of your lives. The Top Life that we are are all living right now, consciously or unconsciously........ Our current life is a set of movie frames put together in a linear fashion.
What an amazing ride we set up for ourselves indeed! Since we are in extremely Super ~ Duper ~ Never ~ Ever ~ Happened ~ here ~ Before ~ Transformational Times! We now have the chance to truly live this ONE Top Life that connects and embraces all of the other lifetimes. Integrate them, non-define them and allow all of our divine senses to fully awaken us, to connect us back to the One Chrystalline Chayan Heart that we all share. 
You are the writer of your own songs! 
You are the singer and the one listening at the same time all at the same timel!
YOU, as the one reading this; YOU are the director of ALL of your life experiences, operating beyond time and space to create your most ultimate TOP Life movie. What about simply enjoying the ride and to unlock your 'safety' belts!
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 Light has now become the secondary constant presence
and your constant consciousness, the first presence, is able to alter any pre-defined shape!
Your innocence and neutrality changes the preprogramming for ever!
* Trust your Self
In every one of our realities we play different personality types with opposite life situations to guarantee the intrinsic balance of the whole. Only one of our personalities need to find the metaphoric key to ultimate freedom, so it 'opens the door' for all the rest! 
You don’t have to believe in other lifetimes to make this all happen! If you believe that you only have this one lifetime, you can still choose to fully integrate all that you are. 
We all attract those experiences in this lifetime to equal out all of the experienced separations. To trigger our emotions, addictions, attachments and Belief Systems (BS) to show us all the things that long to be forgiven and need to come full circle
So a Top Life means that besides an abundance of bliss, a lot of old pain is also coming home to you 
~ when it thinks it is safe to do so ~! 
It does not mean that you have done anything wrong at all!!! 
It means that you feel safe and balanced enough for the pain to be healed and wholed!
At the end of the day it is not about the outcomes in life, it is about the rock solid and unshakable Trust we have in our Divinity Self that matters most!
Consciously choose your FEELings in this Top Life! Instead of being programmed with emotions and thoughts, in order for 'others' to stay in con-troll of your personality construct that is nothing else but the self consuming, time looping virus in the Matrix software so to speak!
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* Apocalypse = disclosure of knowledge, lifting of the veil or revelation 
Due to the fact that this is our Top Life, many of us might have created the most extreme situations for ourself, and your life might seem to be like one big roller coaster ride. The only constant seems to be change itself. Welcome on the Planet of Free Choice!
FREE in-deed, if you are ready to move beyond the old imprisoning hORIzONs of an ice-olated mind that has become so incredibly lost in thoughts since it moved out of the Void since the beginning of linear time.
Where is the "sweet smiles", "bowing" and "clapping" -emoticon when you need one, as you yourself are the one that chose to be here right now.
You Are the Chosen One!
You ARE the Change!
No need to feel homesick as you ARE the home you have been looking for!
I sense that the majority of humanity on earth feel that something BIG is happening. We all saw that the world was not coming to an end in 2012 and a lot of us are picking up the internal tension that is building up in so many different ways.
When we surf the World Wide Web, we find a wide variety of things that might happen. From doom and gloom scenarios ~ new world order with one-world religion realities with the blue beam version of the second coming of Christ, or the invasion of 'devilish aliens' (depending on what is needed to control the masses) to airy fairy New Age ascensions. "Beam me up Scotty"!
And the beauty is, all is true and non true at the same time, it is more a matter of what reality we choose to allow in this Top Life Time. We are free to choose whatever we resonate with. You always make the right choices for yourself!
Well often the truth is stranger than fiction............
While our flower petals are most definitely unfolding as our old CARbon DNA is un-leashing itself, we most probably become increasingly aware of old ‘DNA imprints’ in any way, shape and form possible.
It is for us to uncover and non-define these patternings from our own expanding levels of consciousness and to allow our DNA to transform into a fresh & juicy chrystalline version.
Control, alt, delete the memories of the old and counter balance your old emotions from the personality, as they kept us and keep us stuck in these linear time loops!
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 Re-write the memories from the past
 wipe them clean with your alchemising brush of the heart,
~ Chaya
Nature Picture itself: Lars van de Goor
The purer our vessel and the more silent our translation device of our Aware Minds are becoming, the clearer our Natural Gifts can be revealed and unwrapped. We might even find out we are the devilish aliens we have been made afraid of, or that we are the second coming of Christ at the same time!
All of your perceived realities are true for you! There is not one truth, you ARE the Truth and the non-Truth both at once!
Whatever the reality seems to be, with the proper & innocent translation of the original message of the Heart, you will see that it is about your authentic and true gift to the Self and the Organic Omniverse! Simply allow it to beam out of you!
One of your Greatest Gifts,
is to transform every poison into a gift
~ your Intuition

* The old 3D reality; "the earth is flat"
Many of us are aware that we had been living in a hologram (it now has become a fractal hologram), but for the one's who don't know this yet, first a bit of simple background knowledge.
The hologram in the matrix was only based on three cameras that projected the light onto the movie screen called 'life'. 
These 3 cameras were time, space and form; the light that created our illusionary and triangular (60-60-60) 'reality'.
This triangle created all the other illusions within itself!
See more explanation about the imprisoning triangles here.
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When I hear people say that Galileo Galilei was wrong and that the earth is still flat, this is true for them from that particular 3D perspective! 
Nowadays the triangles, the black cubes, ley lines, the flat & non-sovereign overlapping circles and many other ancient forms of copied, lifeless geometry are showing up everywhere! This kind of finite geometry has been hollowed out and has been abused for a long time.
Like everything in the matrix, it is but a dead and flat, finite copy of an infinite creation. 
* The real fractal hologram; trinity, circularity & infinity dancing and celebrating as one 
 Our original levels of creation in the so called Garden Of Eden
always reflected back the One Chayan, Crystalline Heart that we all share.
Beauty always sees Beauty.
And You Are Pure Beauty!
A true hologram does not need time and space and hardly uses energy to create life! The energy being used is straight from the Free Undefined Void! It is LIFE itself and does not need to copy the past and 'reincarnate' into itself!
The old bodies and the old earth have not ended, but re-inscended and then re-ascended into 4D, and the old holographic version of earth transformed into the innate geometric patterning of the authentic geometric Tree of Life with its forever expanding Flowers. 
Our illusionary flat tree stump is unfolding into the Full Family Tree again! Embracing and allowing all branches in equality.
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The moment when we stop projecting our heart outside of this triangle and put it back where it belongs: in the Heart of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and Undefined, the old hologram can also end on a personal level. We are gently invited to make this reality a sovereign one!
By putting just one Creation Seed of the Flower, one infinite 'petal', back in the centre of the triangle we transform it into a pyramid. These four dimensions are symbolising the 4 original elements of fire, earth, water and air.
Now the pyramid holds the space for our inner circle to become spheric!
This pyramid becomes a spheric 5D portal to all other dimensions when we blend it with our Divinity.
That 5th divine element is our Awareness, 
the 6th element is the Ether or the Undefined!
From this UnDefined Field we are able to create Flowers of Life through hyperboloidic senses.
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The 13rd sphere in the centre is the UnSeen Heart 
of All Things Defined, Non-Defined and UnDefined
We simply "deprogram" the Matrix in our head by putting back this undefined heart in all of our cells
so they can become the unfolding petals of our re-blossoming flower

You can simply do all of this by using your intention! And if your personality has been made to be afraid of geometry, then let all that you do work for the purest benefit of you and all beings!
Choose to be an Open Portal, instead to keep perceiving doors that needs keys to open them.
After you have done this, your dreams and potentials do not end up any longer in the same old world of illusions, but are now back into the heart of the fractal hologram and are projected inward out instead! 
It truly is AS SIMPLE AS THIS to move from a cartoonish character into LIFE itself!
AND this is true for ALL BEings!
No exceptions!
* Ascension ~ Inscension 
From the Heart of the Flower of Life we are able to connect and to commune with all other realities or spheres through the Chrystalline Heart of the Undefined.
Our means of travel within the DNA is the Open Hyperbololoidic Infinity Sign! When we allow the ALL and No-thing in life to flow through us, our Inner Core, this so called 13th Sphere ~ can reveal itself to us an open undefined portal to infinitely keep flowing and blossoming through the spaceless & timeless Void.
After we have put back our divinity into this reality, we make life REAL and whatever we perceive through this all encompassing lens, we see the Infinite smiling back at us. The God (or whatever definition you prefer) that we are, is greeting the God that simply are our reflections. It is the true meaning of Namaste.
To become fully aware that all of life is pouring out of us
and we allow it to BE as the creator of it.
It was especially at the end of the Atlantean times, during the 8th copied energy expansion of the Carbon Based DNA, that we totally translated our reality outside-in, assisted by heartless technologies. We had simply forgotten that it was all pouring out of us. Therefore we built machines, towers and stargates, instead of BEing them, trying to reach out for supposed gods in the sky.
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Atlantean Ascension really.... cosmic smiles ;)
 See my Old Earth Creation Stories underneath 4 Kids and Teens!
The end result being the mind matrix that has been taken charge of and is exploited by Artificial Intelligence in linear copied dimensions that came after Atlantis.
The Atlantean Ascension caused the destruction of this 8th version of Earth and this Universe, as a group of 2 billion beings ascended out of the hologram. By doing so without sharing the way out with the rest of us, we have been left with billions of the present thoughts in the collective mind that still follows this old Atlantean script of external ascension and its outside-in thinking.
A slave race had been re-created once again due to the fact that these beings proclaimed themselves to be superior. Please take note that all of these beings are also pouring out of usl! Please, let us end the separation by reconnecting and counter-balancing all definitions from within!
Whatever you keep separated, still separates your Self
It is the finite way to stay looping and repeating history all over again
forever addicted to Groundhog Day.
Any way, that is why I love to call our expansion of awareness inscension, instead of ascension. Or internal ascension after embodied incension. These so called 'ascended beings' are now all stuck in future time lines, waiting for our actions on earth.
Seen from a non-linear perspective, all is happening on earth and in this universe right NOW and we are gently being invited to bring back our true divinity INto our current body to be able to enter the Real Earth.
AND to allow our ascended self and the totality of our frequencies to blend back, to cleanse and clear them, non-defining it all back into the Undefined Stillness.

 All 'I's are on Earth and we are being watched; full of compassion and respect for who we truly are!
When we allow all of it to move through us, 
all connected universes are also able to free themselvesl!
Our bodies, hence the Old EArth,
are Key to Unlock Undefined Infinity for the entire Organic Omniverse!
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Photo Credit; Alpgalip
This is our Top Life and if we choose to be whole and healthy, we need to forgive all of our Self’s/cells/self chosen (soul & physical) family branches/seeds/fruits/petals/ flowers and weave them back as one.
No one else can do this for us! We are manifesting our own path in our own life to walk on. Our bodies, bellies, minds and hearts are our own true compass with every knowledge in the Now! We become the teachers of our own teachings and the followers of our own authority.
The point of our old Carbon DNA unfolding is to empty the space & silence our lost mind, by equalling out all of the frequencies to be able to unleash all of our original vibrations of the Chrystalline DNA back into the Heart of the Undefined that we truly are. 
I See You!
Feel the love of Self touching you in this now with the InBreath of Joy, Harmony, Balance and Freedom.
We are Embodied Awareness in the Purest Expression of Defined Undefined Self!
We are Open Portals!
We Are Flow-ers of Life!
Stay in TRUST, keep offering a safe space for your Self for you to come HOME to,
Chaya Sophia
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