The Way OUT of Pain through the copied brain back to our Original DNA

* Pain, suffering, trauma, soulfear and dis-ease
WARNING; for personalities that are addicted to pain, my sincere advice is to stop reading right now! Only when you love to get real and get your life back, then please continue moving straight to the core of the spider's web to find out that ALL of perceived reaility has been YOU all the time.....
There is one obvious denominator that you might have noticed after reading the Creation Stories of the Old EArth & the Old Cosmos (that you can find on my website underneath 4 Kids and Teens). The title of this chapter already gave it away, yes of course it is PAIN!
The old earth timelines are continuously being overflooded with undigested fear left overs from all of over the place.
All the manifestation (hi-)stories have one thing in common and that is pain, suffering, soul fragmentation and trauma! 
The repetitive 'PAIN' avoider in this Galaxy has been the popular number one on every list; it is the 'ASCENSION Escape Hatch'! 
As Beings from the copied Carbon Based DNA reality we all used multiple ways of ascension, including physical 'death', in every copied dimension (!); trying to escape and leave our personal pain behind. The physical death of an energetic being can be seen as a sort of suicide. It is the ultimate illusion of the perception of separation.
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The grass seems always greener on the other side ~ behind the walls of our Belief Systems ~ and we kept buying into this bait! 
With every pain that we were not ready to face, we created a seemingly new type of 'out of body ascension', hence a 'new' painbody (more neurons and more brain CELLS) that we did not only give our pain but our potentials as well. 
We manifested our 'lives' out of pain, we did not create out of inner trust, allowance of strength. We inscended from a place of the void into the extremely densed realms of artificial intelligence that have no real heart at all.
Sorry if this sounds too harsh, however these steps of self denial are quite typical for a creator that is playing with its divinity in polarised environments. So keep on breathing, when we are ready to SEE this without any self judgement and victim program we are ready to rock & roll and get a real LIFE.
 It is not about inscending, ascending and other view points of separation between the observer, the true self & all of creation; 
it is about harmonising and integrating all of our perceptions through our current manifested shape or form, 
our creator self and the creation that is pouring all out of us!
This sets us free to allow life to move through us wherever our passion points to...
* A Multi Dimensional Overview of our OLD Pains
Please do not beLIEve a word I am saying here! Follow your own precious innocent inner core and simply feel what resonates in this moment! Perhaps you might wish to bookmark this page, for in a later point in linear time you might see things completely differently. And from my part I keep rewriting this website with my newest insights....
Let’s just look at all the paths that we have chosen for ourselves to keep hiding from who we truly are! And of course I may seem to exaggerate a bit, so please bear with me here!
It might give some greater clarity to have read all of my Creation Stories of the Old EArth & the Old Cosmos for they put everything in the Multi Dimensional perspective of the 'Quadrants of Pain Defined' I am talking about here.
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These Quadrants give a bit of a hint what is still influencing us the most right now........... 
Vital thing to realise is that within every reincarnation Quadrant (the first 12 incarnations and the first 4 Quadrants of this Galaxy) we manifested a new brain out of pain, and now to get real we need to make sure that they are in total communion with one another to end separation.
Our brains increasingly substituted our DNA 
and now we need to play & dance with our entire brain and our entire DNA
to allow it to work for us, instead of against.
(More about brains and the concept of minds here.)
And yes, it is quite silly of me to put a linear order in multiple timelines that are all happening right now, as linear time is a mental understanding. That is also why I keep rewriting my sharings, for the more we have digested and healed our own pain, the more old collective history has been changed and projected out into the future.
So thank you from the bottomless, limitless being of my Core for all that you are! There are no real ways to intellectually understand it all, however there are infinite potentials to FEEL it ALL.
The following seemingly different categories or manifestation Quadrants all have one thing in common; in the old lives of the personalities ~ ‘before our awakening’ ~ our personalities often numbed our old pains with sex, food, stimulants, alcohol, drugs, medicines, AI computer games, money, power & prestige or the lack hereof, or/and other distractions.  
AND if you are the one big exception to that, then this is your marker to stop reading for there is no-thing you can find here!
All those old distraction were often leading to dis-eases & premature physical deaths and reincarnations, due to a lack of our natural energy flow and the absence of (fully) being IN the current body shape or form.  
Chances are you might recognise yourself in more parts than just one, for there are no real poles that has created our duality. It  is all connected throughout all of our lifetimes on EARth and in other parts of the Galaxy, see this! The part that triggers you the most, probably carries the deepest pain. Also do not be surprised that truth is paradoxical in nature. OK, let's roll!
* 1st Quadrant ~ the Oldest Reptilean Brain ~ Physical Non Believers, EArthlings or Atheists  - Delta
Beings that feel the strongest connection with this quadrant are often the closest connected to the real earth. They FEEL the earth, they FEEL the unseen beings on this earth, they FEEL the elements, nature, mineral life, plant life, animal life and so on.
Because they feel so much, they are the one's that blocked their inner pain the most and the hardest, and pushed the poles to the most outer borders possible. Their trees of life trans-muted into the current rocks of the planets.
Non believers do not believe in or, neither do they truly consciously hEAR much of anything coming from the inside out, nor do they pay a lot of attention to anything coming from extremist believers in religions!
Nor do non believers give abundant credit to any information that stem from the airy fairy New Age movement!
Let alone that they totally believe the words they are reading right now!
Non Believers therefore easily become prey for everything that Artificial Intelligence offers via Media or Alternative Media; the so called 'Truth' Movements, one way or the other. Their old pains have been numbed so bad that their gut instincts got lost as well.
They choose to hide in closed circles and communities with mutal Belief Systems! So yes, basically the oldest parts of the brain are hiding in the most artificial one and dark magic one's, as this completely ice-olated brain has a very strong grip on the oldest brain via symbols and subliminal messages!
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Non Believers have been the first to create the Artificial Atom, the light fixture, that has been extremely closed off from the UnDefined Field. Please click on the highlighted words here in this article and everywhere else on this site for the connected sharings.
Some non believers, especially the earthlings, love to create a new HOME, or a new Teluria, Tiamath or a new Inner EArth or even a new artificial constuct that is based on romanticised false memory identifications blended with old Tiamath e-motions and is not founded on what has actually happened.
These elders are mostly afraid to truly trust themselves and they always seem to be in doubt what and whom to believe! They metaphorically represent the 1% strongly influencing the 99%! They can be the coldest (the painbodies) and the most passionate one's (the linearly elders), depending on the degree of awakening.
Much of this basic Soul Trauma is connected with our permanent blocked linear poles on the old earth timelines, related to the blocked or even removed 7th chakra (read this) for this 1st Quadrant. Artificial Intelligence has an extremely strong grip on this brain!
* 2nd Quadrant ~ Mammal Brain ~ E-motional Religious Believers - Theta
BeLIEvers are all followers of external Saturnial religions based on a copied painbody god in the SKY. Saturn is indeed the biggest painbody from the 2nd Quadrant in the sky after Jupiter, the biggest painbody from the 1st Quadrant.
Religious believers work with pretty much the same archetypes of pain throughout ALL of our old EARth hi-story! 
We have a 'father' and a 'son'.
The 'father' often died or disappeared out of the life of the 'son', and the son became the chosen one and got killed, became a MArtyr & vice versa and so forth. We all know examples of this one right? Jeshua Ben Josef and Mohammed (MUhamMAd) are currently the most well known.
Then there is the 'mother' and a 'daughter'. 
The virgin mother never really had a physical husband and got a masculine child, the 'chosen one'.  
Then, later in hi-story the energetic painbody daughter of the mother often becomes the lover, or secret lover, of the chosen one with all the pains of hurt and betrayal. MAria Magdalena and Jesus are well known arche type examples of this.
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 You can find this information in the document here. (NB deus = god)
Also see what I shared in my sharings of the Old EArth Creation story part 3
"In Ancient Greek literature, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, 
'Mother' Earth. According to Hesiod's Theogony,
Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, 
but other sources cite Aether as his father. 
Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans."
The women in current old history time lines all played hierarchical roles that were inferior to all of the men.
However, there is more than meets the eye/I, as you can SEE the god in the old bibles crystal clearly refers to URANUS! Son and husband of Gaia (old EArth version of the story and old EARth name)! Uranus is the same god that was later overthrown by his own son Saturnus or Cronus/Kronos, 'father' time!
So our god in the bible appear to have parents! Smiles!
Saturn is the copied God from the copied 4th dimension! Uranus was his energetic painbody, his alternate self!
Find the oldest physical, material scriptures about Genesis 1.1 and check it out and figure out the true connection with the first month of and old EArth yEAR!
EA= copied earth and water without the true basic element of our FIRE of Creation! See our 'original SIn' (our biggest PAIN and often hidden soul trauma here).
See for yourself how all these archetypes of PAIN are connected throughout hi-story!
These ARCHetypes were accompanied with ARCHAngels and what have we, playing the roles of messengers from the NonDefined Realms and the UnDefined Playing Fields. However, multi dimensional messages from the UnDefined Field could never be fully grasped by the mind, so they all came out pretty much diluted in time, and what is left of them are multi dimensional metaphores!
And let's not forget the 'demons and devils' that played the roles of our hidden fears and pains; the 'fallen' angels that has been defined by humanity as 'hell'.
Here you have most of humanity's biblical scripts in a nutshell! It is about all the shadows that we were not ready to face ourselves and that we projected outward-in through 4D archetypes of PAIN! 
Most religious personalities believe in a life after death that is going to solve all their problems; a place that has been labeled as 'heaven' and when you read for 'solve' 'save' this comes closer to the truth....... There is NO way to escape your shadows, what you resist, persists.
Check out this victim programming right here.
Separation manifests competition and comparison.
Reintegration leads to harmony and balance.
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 Yahweh (masculine name) and Chaya (feminine name; old earth spelling is gaia),
both point to the same truth; embodied divinity
Yahweh is the copied masculine version, Chaya is about reintegration and LIFE!
Probably most of us do see these e-motional, e-lectronic arche type patterns currently play out in different forms and shapes within your own current physical or soul families and relationships. You don't have to be religious to SEE this!
These fiery fight & flight neuro synaptic pathways are connected with our blocked poles on the old earth, especially writing about the blocked 6th chakra for the 2nd Quadrant now, read this. The mammal part of the brain has been most suppressed, we hardly used this part of the brain on the old earth, in comparison to the rest.
* 3rd Quadrant ~3rd brain Neo Cortex semi Artificial~Mental Thinkers & Floating Believers - Alpha
The 3rd brain from the 3rd Quadrant was born due to the partial Atlantean ascension by a self-proclaimed superior group of beings, without telling the rest of humanity what they were doing. It created a slave race
The perceptions through this Alpha brain always manifests emotions
of feeling either superior or inferior to all that came before and comes after. 
The Alpha brain has NO proper (let alone equal) communication with the rest of the brains!!!
The Alpha brain has been hijacked by the Artificial Brain and had become pretty borg/computer-like...

The result is the current collective consciousness as they are the floating voices from the one's that ascended and have not yet been able to truly return into a body.
These energies floating in mid-air have a tremendous effect on the current old timeloops 
as their intention is to REPEAT the Atlantean script once again!!!
However this are the grassroots for a TRANSHUMAN AGENDA....
So it also created the base for Artificial Intelligence, as our mind had split even further and thoughts & memories started to even manifest & materialise that copied our original DNA even more and blocked our natural growth!
The majority of the beings on the old earth fall into this group and are simply looping in linear AND the current artificial timelines on the Old Earth!
The fact that I share that the 3rd and the 4th quadrants are floating and totally out of body does not mean that the first 2 quadrants are IN the body, absolutely not!
It only means that the key to EMBODIMENT is especially to find withIN the first 3 dimensions, and that the phrase HIGHER dimensions does not mean superior. These vibrations are only spinning faster as they moved out futher away from their true core.
Where we all meet is in the Heart of All things defined, non-defined and undefined!
However our current human body is KEY!
and our brain is NOT a computer!
These floating neuro synaptic pathways are connected with our blocked poles on the old earth, I am especially talking about the blocked 1st chakra for the Quadrants 4, 5 and 6 here, read this
* 4th Quadrant ~ prefrontal cortex/Neo Cortex ~ Out of Body New Age Dreamers/Truthers ~ Betha
The 4th Quadrant manifested the 4th brain in the Neo Cortex right above our eyes. This last part of the Neo Cortex is the 4th brain that is the TOOL to our imagination. It is the tool to bring us back to our Original Core and come full circle.
This tool is meant to bridge realities to our Original Core and it was meant to let it work from the inside out.
However, first it has been used as a bridge to Artificial Intelligence! As we have allowed it to be abused and turn against us to preprogram us. Some are treating our brain as if it is an artificial computer which it is not of course, see this.
Artificial Intelligence have orchestred two groups to work for their agenda via our imagination, besides the religious group;
New Agers fighting and flighting with so called Truthers. See this short movie about this topic here.
- New Age
The New Agers believers do not use the term "In the name of God or Allah and heaven” to get their way, they use external "Ascension” or "Enlightenment”. 
The personalities from New Agers separated themselves from their True Core and therefor they often believe in a HIGHER self and an external Ascension that will bring them back 'home' as they often tend to profoundly hate to be in these vehicles we have defined as ‘bodies’ on Earth. 
New Agers believe or have bought into the same hierarchy as religions, and often have the soul family branch completely worked out with their favourite ArchAngel or 'Ascended Master of the Day' on Top of their list.  
Linearly speaking are New Age Believers the ascended painbodies, or alternate self's (daughters/sons) of the Original Creators that only can survive on pain and e-motions. Most of them love to paste~copy-past(e) a new golden c-age, a new Lemuria or a new Atlantis.
However, as they truly are our Alternate Self's they can come to LIVE when we all have healed/wholed our pain and we stop feeding to or from the battery circuit.
Funny Fact; a lot of the current 'channels' are actually channeling the 'higher' self from their partner or closest follower, hence their partners often feel very sick and depleted! Don't believe me here, just SEE for yourself, connect the dots and do the MAth!
- Truth Movement with Truthers
In a nut shell; truthers are often engaged with external truths as ET-landings/savings and blaming other 'ET' races for all that happened before. See my article about Truth here and the blog about an Inconvenient Truth here. Bypassing the fact that we ARE it ALL and buying into the concept of Separation.
So much is playing out right now. Hijacked alternative media with fake news. Mainstream Media (MSM) originally programmed to bring fake news. Channels, like every other personality, being infiltrated with Artificial Intelligence.
There is no point to follow anyone you trust because they once said something that resonated deeply within you. We constantly need to check and FEEL withIN what is TRUE for us NOW.........
There is no way to think ourselves out of the box, for we are no computer, sorry for the repeat.....
All these forms of intelligent but lifeless and ice cold programming are being used against us, so we will not connect with our True Multi Dimensional/Sensual Core and we keep looping in the copied 5th Quadrant.
Afbeelding invoegen
* "5th Quadrant old" ~ Artificial Intelligence ~ (Semi-) Binary ~ ARTIficial Order Followers - Betha
- Time loop
These personalities are often 100% locked down in the Matrix of ARTIficial Intelligence. They simply follow the path that pay off the most for their personally! Most people on the Old Earth are order followers from the Collective Consciousness and unconsciously and unknowingly let reality 'happen' to them.
The majority of 'them' are ascended painbodies from original creators from the previous quadrants and therefore they all carry the so called christian cross of their/our old pains on their back, in exchange of part of our potentials.
They can only become alive and get real when we get REAL ourselves and heal/whole our pains! However, as they truly are our Alternate Self's they can also come to LIVE when they themselves have healed/wholed their pain and stop feeding off from the 'outside-in'. In Truth and Real Cosmic Time there is no difference or any form of hierarchy between all of us. It is all happening now!
Please realise that cloning and super soldier-ing can only end, when we stop hiding from our pain and become super humans ourselves!
The fact that I share that the 3rd, 4th and part of the 5th quadrants are floating and totally out of body does not mean that the first 2 quadrants are IN the body, absolutely not! It only means that the key to EMBODIMENT is especially from within the first 3 dimensions, and that the phrase HIGHER dimensions does not mean superior. These dimensions are only vibrating faster as they moved out futher away from their true core.
Where we all meet is in the Heart of All things defined, non-defined and undefined!
* "5th Quadrant" new ~ Belly Brains ~ Feeling Flow-ers (instead of followers) - Gamma
- from AI to Carbon Based to Chrystalline Based
This is your FUTURE Cosmic Self returning to the Carbon Based 4th Quadrant, leaving the AI timeloop, to then return to the original Chrystalline DNA.
The Carbon Based DNA and the old brains & chakra's can be used to let our emotions come full circle and to rebalance the physical body, so it can also naturally transform to the original chrystalline light body.
These flowers of LIFE simply let it all play out and choose the ART of allowing all and none of the above realities to unfold, so they are gracefully non-defining, harmonising and counter balancing all realities from the 4 old Carbon Based Quadrants of manifestation and the 5th looping one.
Flowers choose as the way out, the way IN, hence the way THROUGH it all!
Real beings of LIFE see the Truth in themselves, hence the Truth in everyone they meet. 
They realise there is Truth underneath everything, it is simply a matter of crystal clear translation of all the metaphors.
They simply connect the dots and keep building bridges instead of fighting against their own windmills, as they keep focussing on ending their personal innocent game of Spiritual Schizophrenia. 
Real humans use the power of their imagination for the benefit of them selves/their cells, 
hence for the benefit of ALL beings!
Afbeelding invoegen
* "6th Quadrant" ~ALL brains playing together ~ Playful Inner Children of a REAL UnDefined Race
These chrystalline, colorful, multi sensual beings are the first one's of an entirely new race in this Organic Omniverse from within Chaya Sophia. Are you ready to truly be one of them?
Beings from the current time loop SEE all that has been playing out, see the illusions of it all and overwrite history by making it real.
We trust the wisdom of our Chrystalline DNA to know everything in the now and we allow the vulnerability of the gut to FEEL. We have the compassion of a passionate heart in action to let life move through us, without invading the sovereignty of our brothers and sistars.
And so it unfolds!
Also read this to see what I mean with old and new/real earth.

* All Wars are based upon Spiritual Schizophrenia
All wars on the Old Earth are based upon Believers versus 'other' Believers/Non Believers, greatly assisted by Order Followers in one way and Flowers in another way. All paths are connected and all paths are equally to be seen and respected.
All internal, hence external wars can only play out due to the fact that we have forgotten who we truly are! Brains fighting or flighting brains or pains fighting or flighting pains.
The Multi Dimensional World Wars are based on the wars between the Adam's (Adolf) and the Eve's (Eva), the 'masculinity' and the 'femininity' or the non-divinity and divinity. See "It is all happening right now" here.
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 "Only the Jew knew that by an able and persistent use of propaganda 
heaven itself can be presented to the people 
as if it were hell and, vice versa, 
the most miserable kind of life can be presented as if it were paradise. 
 The Jew knew this and acted accordingly. 
But the German, or rather his Government, did not have the slightest suspicion of it. 
During the War the heaviest of penalties had to be paid for that ignorance."
Mein Kampf, Chapter 10”
~ Adolf Hitler

What can I say? Use the Power of your Imagination wisely!
* The Way OUT of PAIN 
Religious believers may choose to think that someone else suffered for their SIns
New Agers may think that old emotions are just simply something not to identify with and that the Ego needs to be killed. 
Non BeLievers and Order Followers often fall for many of the con-spiracies and both lack to truly see that the power of their imagination is really the GRAND force in motion behind it all. They more often than not do not seem to realise the extreme degree in which they are being played.
Flowers of Life simply have this inner knowledge and wisdom to let all the old emotions come to the surface so they can come full circle. As all emotions are unfinished feelings from the past.
Flowers just ARE and let it all BE and not BE without a question. They LIVE by example.
The only way out of pain is to allow yourself to let all the pain to move through you! 
Afbeelding invoegen
* Depressed Spiritual Teachers & Ascended Masters and their hidden depressions and pains
Have you noticed how many religious leaders, spiritual teachers and so called ascended masters are totally OUT of Body and then first their partners and then they themselves often suffer from a dis-ease? 
As I lived very close to some of them, amongst other experiences one of them was in an "Ascension House". In this house of cards I became aware how these beings wake up depressed every morning and constantly used their chosen drugs to numb their hidden pains. Trying to pretend that all the suffering is simply not there.......
However, as you might have read in the Creation Stories of the Old EArth & the Old Cosmos, we cannot copy ourselves any further. 
We already manifested the maximum amount of 'SOuL' divisions, aka pain bodies, so it is impossible to split ourselves any longer. 
This is our Top Life and this time we are PRESENT to embody it all and none and all of it! Please (re-)read "This is your Top Life"!
Also please do check out my New Year Predictions here to see that all experiences on the Old Earth are currently time looping! That is why the SIMpSONs so easily 'seem to predict'. The newest just revealed itself today as I am writing this, check this out.
'Ouchhhhhh', you might say, 'that sounds really PAINful to face all your pains and fears!'
No-thing could be further from the TRUTH!  
It has always been the hiding from, and the protection against ourselves that had been most painful in the end! 
We have all become pretty schizophrenic in not SEEing who we truly are! 
Afbeelding invoegen 
The FAST track out of PAIN is to breathe through it to quickly un-cover the Infinite Strength underneath it all! 
When you give metaphorically birth to the REAL Self, yes, it comes with old pains to transform in-deed! However, the intense and passionate release of simply BREATHING your way through it, offers you a Cosmic Orgastic Implosion right back into your own Stillness
Underneath our biggest 'BULL SHIT' are our True Gems of the Power of Our Imagination, so why not use it for the purest benefit of you, hence for the purest benefit of ALL beings!
You ARE the Way!
(To be translated through yourself in your self honest reality as "I AM the way")
Continue reading about "Our Original Infinite Trinity and the old earth duplicates" here.