Are you the Captain of your Life Ship? VIDEO

*  The illusions of the Ice-olated mind
The Truth of You is Whole in the Now! The Truth does not need any kind of healing or fixing. The only thing that needs ‘healing’, aka clearing, are the limiting mind programs and thoughts from the ice-olated mind.
These mind controlling programs have let your human self to beLIEve other wise! The body 'hardware' is simply out of tune with the installed software!
One of the most effective time looping Hamster Wheel Belief Systems (that I innocently call BS) is the constant addiction to fix our so called human selves!
See this short half an hour movie
about my perspective on "Self Healing" here

* In Truth You are WHOLE!
AND You are the One who is responsible to choose and allow how Rock your Boat or not!
You are the One to choose how to define, re-define, and non-define so called dis-ease in any way, shape or form you love!
You can perceive it as bad luck, personal failure or the greatest proof or opportunity ever of wholing the Self!
Your feelingsintuitions & actions or 
 emotionsthoughts and neurotypical behaviours  
are your ultimate medicine or your unconscious poison!
You truly are ALL that you have been looking for!
It is your human body AND your Awareness that play a VITAL role in all of this! Your Human Heart is The Compass to bridge these two worlds together as One.
Our One Heart is the centre piece (peace) of the Puzzle of Life!
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* Mind the GAP!
Our human infinite heart is the Stillness, the GAP between energy ~ the astral realms ~ & matter ~ the physical, mental and e-motional realms!
Read more about the GAP here!

Self Healing is all about being ready to take back the steering wheel of your LIFE ship into your own hands and heart AND to truly Be Free!
You Are Truth Itself!
Huge Healing Heart Hug!
Chaya Sophia
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It is not about selling truth
It is not about buying into truth
It is not about defending truth
It is not about finding truth
It is not about fixing truth
It is not about fighting truth
It is not about exposing truth
It is not about ascending to truth
It is about BEING Truth
and living it!
~ Chaya
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Our Chrystalline Chayan Solar Heart used to be the our original gravity source
Re-Connect your Human Heart with your True Inner Core!
The reality of 'moving'
is the absence of it
To Be in the Heart
is to BE
the unmoved mover
Only in Stillness
we SEE
the total absence
of a 'you' AND a 'me'
 ~ Chaya