The Delta Theta Alpha Beta Gamma resistance and unhealed emotions

* To UnDefine/Neutralise our mind we got to grasp these connections & put the dots together
See my chapter about e-motions to realise that emotions are unfinished feelings from the past that need to come full circle in order to be able to lead a healthy life! They take us out of our original life flow as they contain memories and trauma from other timelines that our bodies are still carrying. These unconscious emotional patterns create dis-ease due to this lack of life flow!
Emotions, together with thoughts, can only exist in a place of separation, pre-definition and lack of consciousness.
Realise that the subconsciousness is 95% in control within the majority of humanity!
Only 5% of the time our personality consciousness is making the choices, all the rest is filled with the subconscious mind re-acting on auto-pilot!!! Those re-actions from the subconsciousness are reflecting our actual state of awareness.
Those reactions reflect our blind spots, our hidden traumatical patterns, habits, schizophrenic and neuro-typical behaviours to name but a few.............
Due to the fact that our minds have been heavily fragmented what happens is the following;
The moment we are lost in thoughts (read more about thoughts here), there is nobody in the body to neutrally observe what is truly happening. That is precisely the moment that we allow our subconsciousness to be kind of hijacked........

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 Here, consciousness is relatively speaking more referring to 'personality' consciousness
It truly is as simple as this! So to be healthy & feel well, we need to work with our entire mind and be the captain of our life ship!
We make the subconscious mind conscious by stepping through our deepest fears to find our greatest strength underneath. In order to ACT & live according to who we truly are.
Year-long studies and observations found out the relation between the Allowance of, or Resistance to EMF Brain Waves is the connection to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health & wellbeing. I will share more about these studies later (in this article - so bookmark it if you are interested).
 * The Resistance to/Allowance of Delta Waves is connected to Health/Dis-ease, aka physical vitality
Delta Waves are the slowest Electro Magnetic Frequency waves ~ 0,00001 Hz /4 Hz ~ and are connected to the densest part of creation, namely to matter!
The studies uncovered the relation between the degree of resistance to delta waves and the degree of ANY dis-ease in our bodies! Observation in 20 countries around the world showed that on average only 50% of our human self is actually present IN the body with personality consciousness, the unawakened state.
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The SubConsciousness 
Daring to be bold, open and vulnerable is KEY
This means half of humanity is allowing +/- 50% of the Delta Waves in their body. So I am not even talking about spiritual consciousness but indeed more about a sleep state. And this is on top of what I shared in my opening sentences, so can you imagine that these beings are fully controlled by their subconsciousness?
Hunderd percent allowance of delta waves means that chances are that the body is in a perfect neutral state and the oldest reptillean delta brain is working for us, instead of against!
Of course it is all a matter of how our entire brain is working together or not! So this is simply the introductory part of the holistic picture....

Only a small percentage of beings is currently able to reach that state, namely the one's that are ready to look further than the current horizon and dare to go straight to the core of all of their fears! It means that you need to be ready to be fully responsible for your own life.
See for more tips and explanations this short half an hour video below where I play a pretty intense devil's advocate of the old earth Belief Systems. So if you love to rock your boat you are most welcome to watch;
See "UnDefine YourSelf and the
SubConscious Delta Waves Physical Vitality" here in full.
* The Resistance to/Allowance of Theta Waves is connected to our un-healed/wholed E-motions
Theta Waves are the second slowest Electro Magnetic Frequency waves ~ 4 Hz / 8 Hz ~ and are connected to our emotional painbody and to the the second oldest linear brain; our mammal brain.
 During our first few child years our brains are mostly in (delta and) theta!! 
It is when we are still closest to Source.........
and therefore closest to our authentic feelings.....
That is where our e-motions had been (re)-created
In those most hurtful & even traumatic moments where we lost that innate connection
with our True and Total Self
The moments we came down into the 3rd and 4th dimensional world.
Our imaginary world of dreams simply did not match with the ice-olated, limiting version we were being taught by all the one's that surrounded and 'raised' us.
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A recent research on mirror neurons has discovered that when children watch the beings around them doing something, the same neurons that fire in their brain also fire in the children's brain. By watching their surroundings they end up thinking and feeling the same thing!
Mirror neurons mirroring mirror neurons! Check this link out here with a short movie and you see my words become very clear! Also watch this short inspirational & heart touching video about Mario's parents who used mirror neurons and let them work for their child, instead of against here.
So it is not the words that these babies and toddlers say that count the most, 
but what their brain projects and what our brain mirrors!
So please be aware that our thoughts and emotions speak quite literally very loudly and that the younger generations are always listening and reflecting back! Do not leave them in front of Led- or Plasma screens for those artificial frequencies is what they will be mirroring!
See my video about "How I 'neutralised' Wifi, the Old Earth Merkabah 'Protection', 
Theta Allowance & Emotional Balance, Solar Plexus and the Hyperboloid here in full.
Soon to be soon continued with Alpha, Beta & Gamma..................... Stay tuned!