What is triggering you into E-motions?

* What do we choose?
Do we choose to be surrounded by people and groups who think and re-act exactly the same as we do?
As the constant reaffirmation of our own Thoughts & Belief Systems?
Or, do we tolerate persons and situations in our life that often trigger our personality with the opportunity to grow?
And of course I am not talking about abusive, violent and manipulative relations here, the one's that we allow to only put us down! My advice is to immediately step out of these kind of Self Sabotaging relations!
Out of Self Love!
I am now pointing to Self Empowering connections, so called 'tough love'.

Congratulations if you do!! It means that you Allow a more expansive Now!
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* Triggers are portals to The Truth of You

When we respect our triggers and see them as inner invitations of Self Healing/Wholing, we give our Self the opportunity to embrace our inner child and heal/whole unintegrated aspects; left over frequencies of our Self.

Our inner child is addicted to demonstrate us that it matters! In various, dualistic & often distorting ways ;)!
It needs and wants to be seen and acknowledged in equality!
Or else it throws a tantrum. Well, we have all seen that one!
The well hidden emotions from our unconscious ego are so ready and willing to come full circle now! And if they donít get the attention they want and need, they will keep creating chaos until we finally become aware of them. AND we need to end the cycle different from how we started it in the first place!
If not, we simply take them with us, linear lifetime, after lifetime. They become our monsters from the past under our bed; our skeletons in our '4D' closet. For if we donít take responsibility for our life, we blame it on the boogie.
 See this 5 minutes clip to get more insights here.
A segmented emotion ~ or a copied EMF frequency ~ in the separated mind can be instantly healed and transformed into an authentic frequency and become Self Aware! No need to process, or analyse in grand detail, it just needs to be heard!
This is a very efficient way for our personality to become less vulnerable for mind control and manipulation as our mind will become increasingly more Self conscious and Aware.
* Be Bold and deeply honor your Triggers!
The more we find the courage to SEE that our personality is being triggered, the more it is able to heal/whole itself and the more the organic REALITY can unfold.
Therefor, letís please honor our triggers AND the messengers offering these Trojan presents to us!
Please, donít punish, blame or shame yourself for them! As that is exactly what keeps us in these repetitive and limiting personality programmes.
They simply need to be SEEN and Acknowledged in Equality and Neutrality!
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Trust your Self and you Trust the Universe
and the Universe Trusts You!
~ Chaya
Triggers are ultimately effective healing modalities and they are being offered FREEly to us.
Any time we need them the most!

We are our own most effective healers.
Only we can truly heal/whole our Self!
 AND that is the end of our trigggers......
..... because they simply stop to fire us up any longer!

Huge Heart Hugs!
Chaya Sophia
"The most magnificent Creators don't want to get together with people who think just like they do.
They're looking for people who have other thoughts, because out of the contradiction,
comes ideas that could not be born out of sameness.
Your relationships will be ultimately more if you're not identical twins
just "yessing, yessing, yessing" to everything that the other one is about."
~ Abraham-Hicks
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