E-motions are un-finished Feelings from the Past, waiting to come full circle

* From a Multi-verse to a Uni-verse
The Akash has stored all the segmented emotions and stories from all of our lifetimes from the 12 universes in which hu-manity has experienced a mental copied holographic 'reality'.
E-motions take us out (e = out) of our original movement and innocent LIFE flow! 
They lack a divine inner sense of direction and are lost in the woods, so to speak.
They give us the illusion of 'being moved' or 'moving', but in reality they are stuck and do not move at all. They form the dams in the Rivers and the parasites in the Flow-ers of Life that we truly are.
An emotion is reflecting back memories and thoughts that are not happening NOW, but that our bodies are still carrying. Emotions always carry the SAME patterning over and over again.
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Integrate to Un-Define Yourself;
from noisy e-motions to segmented feelings to wholed, undefined feelings 
Emotions lost track in time loops and created dis-eases due to a lack of flow. It is for us, the Real Us, to allow to feel them all, and to free all of our personalities, their aspects and hidden aspects, in all linear pasts and futures, from their (suppressed) depressions and suffering with the Gift of our Presence IN the body IN the Now!

These unfinished emotions from the past have the ability to come full circle right here and NOW in our Top Life! And to end the cycle in a different way that started the loop in the first place, so they do not need to move right back into their artificial and separated mind grooves once again.

These left over emotions are fully able to instantly blend back into segmented feelings in the human heart. These are our copied holographic dimensions and frequencies, the old carbon based DNA. 
After integrating all the segmented feelings we then have the potential to fully unleash our Un-Defined feelings from the Life Force Centre ~Chy~in the belly. It is our Infinite, Crystalline, Blank DNA, the Alive and Kickin' Flower of Life on the Real Earth Timeline.
So to keep it simple; every e-motion can be seen as an invitation to heal/whole our pain body's & ages old trauma, to be able to truly feel the the puritiy of our Inner Source, the One Heart that we all share and to BE real!

* The Silent Omni~verse 
The moment in we have transformed our e-motions, our separate mind will be still, as we stop manifesting thoughts.
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Words; Chaya 
Picture Credit; Greg Spalenka

If there is no internal resistance all of our three Life Force centres are able to be in full alignment and Undefined Feelings can flow through our entire spheric universe, our original human shape.
We then have the ability to truly and fully communicate with all that is in our Organic Omniverse, through our Inner Core, the Vortex or the One Heart that we all share.
The noisy e-motions, hence false electric & EMF frequencies
that can be measured in, hence controlled via brain waves,
have then returned to Innocence;
Innocence is a State of Stillness 
that cannot be measured,
put in a box or be controlled 
as it carries no vibrations, neither frequencies!
See Healing (wholing) segmented emotions & feelings
from within our True Self here. 
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