The heart is not in The Heart and the blatant belly cover-up with VIDEO

* VITAL Information!
This video contains VITAL INFO to get out of the binary physical (Delta), emotional (Theta), mental (Alpha) and spiritual (Betha and Gamma) loops of old e-motions, trauma and Belief Systems that got humanity stuck for eons of linear time!!
Underneath all of our pre-programmed, old  & defined BS (Belief Systems, aka Mind Control) our biggest gem has been hiding for so long and it is sooo ready to be un-leashed!
This is a video not to be missed 
if you choose & allow to fully FREE yourSelf
and live from the inside-out, instead of from the outside-in!
Transforming your triggers and e-motions into silent feelings from the One Chrystalline, Chayan Heart that we all share!
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 For nothing REALly changes
when you do not work with your ENTIRE brain AND
your entire DNA
& you do not live a life from PASSION,
that can only be activated from the feminine belly
Please feel that it does not matter
whether you are in a masculine or in a feminine body
See the "the heart is not in The Heart"
about my perspective 
on the belly & the Solar Plexus in full here!
* The Chrystalline One Heart of the Defined, Non-Defined and the Undefined ~ The Solar Plexus ~
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Via the Vagus Nerve,
most of our Life Flow goes bottom-up
instead of top down! 
Please do your own internet research!

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See short introductory video about how to neutralise the old 3D, like WiFi here.
Check out this page for more background about the Solar Plexus here; DNA and Matrix.
And read about "Birthing your inner sun" here.
Artist for cover and this picture below Debra Bernier 
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