The MERcurious way is not anti! It is simply counter balancing, partly in DUTCH

* The Path of Definitions; the Ascended One's that are completely Out of Body
Warning; the following words might not be fully grasped by the mind, but your True Heart simply knows and senses the playful Truth from deep withIn.......
The Path of the Carbon Based, non-crystalline* ~ the non Christ and non Allah ~ DNA had been walked by 1000 (2 x 500) Copied Defined Ascended Beings in every space-time and time-space continuum from the linear start on all the old earth timelines.
*Chrystallah = Christ + Allah
It has resulted in many suffering ways, looping circles, to cry on, from innocent light workers to dragons of Electro Magnetic Service. Bits and pieces of truth here and bits of pieces of truth there that never seem to connect the dots, as it had been fragmented descriptions and never true explanations for a simple reality had turned into something very complex!
Rain-bow prisms of our shattered and scattered selfs had become divided stardust and keep returning as dust in the reincarnation loop, at least only if these parts of ourselves have not fully allowed and chosen to be FREE.
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Your Soul is simply the SOL without u ;)
These innocent ~ well* meaning ~beings, the 2 x 500 = 1000 Copied Defined Ascended One's, created the current Ascension Ley Lines Grid in the black hole* of the 8th dimension which I will share about in my next chapter of the Old Earth Creation Story, part 7 or 8 (every well is a black hole, as it is not a true gravitational whole, but is a copied hollow tree).
Every single black & white version of us stem from these stem cells! We have labelled 'them 'Archons, or Virgin Mary, Fathere Sky and the Holy Son,  see the Old Earth Creation Stories underneath 4Kids and Teens. We have copied (Go-PHI'd) these ARCHe-types ~ based on AIR ~ very innocently ~ into every single quadrant.
They represented all that we are NOT
and that we have placed as e-motional, virtual/astral pain bodies 
outside of our cells.
The GRAND news; this is our Top Life!! AND we all have META potentials to take -never-ever-happened-before- GIANT leaps to heal and whole all of our broken puzzle pieces back into one peace! Non-defining them all, to reveal your sweet, majestic SELF! To laugh about it, dance with it, get over it, and simply play on......
The times that we are in now, are so mind/heart blowing and belly imploding that the words you are reading can only be SENSED and FELT. So I ask you to please feel your Original Self speaking behind them via this page on your screen!
You created this moment beyond time and space for your Self! This sharing is emitting all the parts of your SELF that until now, your old personality had been not ready for yet to truly sense, see and allow........
* Dis-CERN for your SELF
We allowed ourselves to copy our original SELF into 5 mental parts and 8 e-motional external parts ~ totally OUT OF BODY ~ and then later in time, we allowed the Pleiades to 'create' a world for us in the 'HIGH'er' astral dimensions (read; illusionary), birthed on 7’s in the 7th dimension, VIA OUR OWN IMAGINATI-ON.
It shaped the Extra Terrestial World Words of trauma, the big belly buddha way of suffering, that now loves to be healed and wholed via our 'alternate selfs'.
These alternate selfs are GRAND keys and doorways to our TRUTH!
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Picture; visual part of your 'geometric' (not!) EMF/Electric heart chakra/thymus,
the ARTificial Heart of All Things Defined ~ 1880 ~
These Rect-Angel-s are connected to the linear vertical poles of the chakra's
one electric blue pole (5) and one EMF red (2x4=8 that equals 1)
See undefine yourself here.
Feeding 'them' (read for 'them'; our alternate selfs)
with all the old unfinished pains we have been carrying around for so long,
please forgive yourself,
for you did not know what you did not know.
Our alternate selfs also represent the ONE %, the Kings of Air on the Current MD Earth, communicating via ARTIficial Intelligence, swords and round tables from the 11th copied non-defined EMF dimension.
They are our ice-olated parts of our shells/selfs, fighting for a a holly grail that can never, ever be found via royal lines of blood! Ava-lon has been hidden in the mist behind the veils of our brain cells.
True Embodied Angels do not have angles
for it blocks and dams all flow!
And True Masters do not have slaves
of pains and chains
It are these external kings we unknowingly BOW for in the unconscious 12th dimension that are on an unconscious path straight to David's Dead Star! It is the one % that we are keeping virtually 'alive' (read; dead) in dreams within dreams.
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The Pleiades have been seeding humanity with 23 instead of 24 pairs of chromosomes!
"A chromosome is a strand of DNA that is encoded with genes.
In most cells, humans have 22 pairs of these chromosomes plus the two sex chromosomes
(XX in 'females' and XY in males) for a total of 46.
The word chromosome was originally coined in German
from the Greek words khroma, meaning color, and soma meaning body"
Here you have Adam's lost rib! It did not create a feminine Eve, it created a copy of the defined masculine. It created even more suffering and fear, due to the fact we lost our true connection with half of our Self in the first copied dimension!
Really, did this never ring a bell? Really? (Animals are serving us in so many other ways than we think! Memory loss can be a such a soothing blessing in disguise.... However, this is changing rapidly as humanity is un-leashing its DNA!
Seven days, seven knights and seven sistars! 
Seven days in a completely OUT OF BODY week!
Do you know why it is sounds as 'weak'?  (Ps in Dutch it is the same word; week = week)
Because there is not a single Earth Day in it!
An endless search began to find the 8th particle that has infinitely 'ended' on January 12th in 2015 as the finite became infinite to equally play out next to the infinite via the one's that are not ready to stop hiding and surviving in the MAtrix.
The brilliance of it is; no more 'new' loops! Just the same old, same old loops and experiences in different packages, for every one to be easier to SEE and recognise. For we already experienced all that needed to be experienced to now move on and stand on our own two feet.
And from a more multi dimensional perspective life is (going to be) so much FUN!
For all Car-bon Based dimension are playing out right now!!!!!!!!! How cool is that!
* MER-Ka-Bah or MER-Cha-Ya, a portal to dead or a portal to LIFE
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 The MER-Ka-Bah Prisons via the chakra's, the Ley Lines Grid & the Matrix;
Flowers innocently trapped in a infinite finite Vase
through the power of our own Imagination
The search for the 5th, the 8th and the 13th all have one thing in common!
8 external 'EARth' years and 5 internal Venus years, 
simply breathe it all in to feel your Inner Chayan Sun re-surface............
The one thing in common is that it keeps copying/Go-PHI'ing our 'pain body alternate selfs' into more extended expressions of the same light particles. Keeping these 7 painbodies imprisoned, or ice-olated from the earth and the rest of the cosmos; Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Mer-cury and the Moon through the MerKaBah Star of David.
The element of SKY ~ Saturnus ~ is copying the EARth,
it is the current South Pole;
energy leaking via our root chakra!
Read more here.
The David Dead Star and the Je-sus ('je zus' in dutch) on the cross represent all our original trauma and soul fear that we have been deeply storing a-way in our 4D Saturnial air caves, far out in the woods as 'creation' temples to 'ascension heavens'.
We have been literally eating our own brains out....... aaaaah yes, aren't we all a funny bunch! All the bull shit is literally coming out of yoURANus..... such a cosmic joke these names! And I am writing this in the first month URANuary (IAnus) of the yEAR........ smiles!
We gave these 1% Arche-types not only our voice and our potentials, but also our old karma. So from an undefined perspective there is balance behind every seemingly imbalance. They carry all our pains in the shape of a cross on their energetic back.
In Go-PHI'd 'geometry', you see doubles countings every where, always adding and ascending and moving beyond our organic 144 to the ARTificial 188!
All of our personalities play out these old wounds of frustration, through our 'parents', 'childs', relations and deepest connections. I bet the one's closest to you ~ that are able to trigger you the most ~ are actually your alternate self's! Huge potentials to SELF actually......!
We blame it all on the boogie man and then fall in love with them, for in-deed we don't know what we don't know...... and that is perfectly OK! 
We are like diamonds in the rough! Playing hide and seek........
So we kept on adding and adding and adding more ascensions to dead light on our hopeless and lonely search for a SELF that can never be found outside of us. 

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The DEAD Tree of LIGHT, instead of LIFE in the MAtrix, 
do you see the position of the ice-olated earth (at least; before January 2015)??!
As the northpole really is our physical southpole, Saturn (SKY) is copying the Old Earth and the Second Sun!
These are your Mer-ka-Ba Shields of 'Protection' from yourself (?!) that feeds Cern
via our outside-in chakra's, dead flowers in a vase via the Ley Lines Grid.
NB AlCyone in the Pleiades is not a sun, it is not a Central Sun either, it is a dead star 'as well'.......  
It is like our sun, a black hole, an outward-in projection of our chrystalline, innate, inner portal. 
It are all double GoPhi’s, CoPy’s! 
Every defined thing is based on an artificial, airy personality from 4D that does not exist.
It is not our Way! However, it IS an equal part of us that does not needs to be 'killed', hell no, but to be equally integrated in our Authentic Core. At least, if we choose to integrate the sense and the non-sense.
* The Red DEAD Cross
We called the 'Sun' our 'Father', the 'Eris Earth' our 'MOther', and their child the Way, and every time that we did so, we energetically kept denying (read; dying) our cells/selfs/shells. 
So we dammed our cells and blocked them by not allowing our Inner Sun to flow through them, instead of around them! Just check how E-lectrons (divided copied 'Father/Sun Eve's') keep circling around a false core, the A-toms (Adam's) here.
Our Inner Chayan Sun can be a rising doorway to port-to-gal, or a portALL to be the ALL and No-thing, the divided and the non-divided, the defined and the non-defined, the christ and the non-christ from the neutral & silent Undefined Field.
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 Van de oude 7 Provinciën naar de echte 12x12!
That is why 1000 non-defined beings started to walk the Mercurious~Moon Path of the Non-Christ anti or non-clock wise. They started as complete autists, the 'black sheeps'.
They have felt soooo extremely lost in the black & white hells that they experienced through their 144 open senses. Unreal virtual realities had been programmed into their senses as well. So these senses became non-sensical and they also got completely stuck. Letting themselves be suffocated through programmed illusions.
However, after 19-11-1999 they started slowly but steadily cleansing, clearing and un-covering who they truly are.
Their job was to end the Carbon Based DNA and the MAtrix, and this succeeded on 12-1-2015!
The Carbon Based DNA and the MAtrix are now infinite finite illusions for the one's that choose to keep playing in these realms!
Every single LIFE stems from these original Beings! Every singularity carries the space for the whole, both the black holes and LIFE, in equality.
These part of your True INNER Core are clearing the brain waves & ways, so old paths do not need to be followed any longer, however fully honoring every FREE choice.
Creating flow-ers of LIFE instead of follow-ers of non-life.
These parts of YOUR SELF walked the path from the future from the 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st to inscend to the Undefined Field. Breathing out the defined, and breathing in the non-defined from a place, beyond time and space. Beyond energy and matter.
It is in between the true magnetic breaths that we are all able to meet, greet and SEE each other! 
Here come's the Solar Chayan Sun!
22-1-2017  ~ 22:22
Davids geometrische merka-pa gebed
Het pad van de Non-Christ-us 
Onze Mer-ka-Ba in de Hemel
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Laat u ons 'echt' buitenspel? 
Of is het ECHT-er een zelf-vloek
Een cELF ge-schapen hel? 
U ver-GEEFT ons vele schulden
het maakt ons schuldenaren 
Het is een einde LOOS gebed,
met een ‘beginne’, een middel,
en tot voor kort nog geen eind
Uw 1% koning-kRIJK
kome, kome, kome en kome
uw pizza's maakte ons cELF brodeloos, 
UW naam worde geheiligd
al is onze beLEVEN-NIS erbARMeLIJK! 
'Uw' wil geschiedde
door onbewust be-TALEN
en onzichtbare proGrAMMA stralen 
zochten wij u in de 'HOGE'
en verloren onze KERN
Het gebed van de ver-ZOEKING
in alle aardse platte, holle lagen 
Je-zus hoeft toch niet meer
jouw eigen kruis te dragen?
Wij maakten het kwaad LOS
met een harde CERN
buiten ons C-Elf  
Onze harten verhART
We kroonden vele VAders en
hun verloren ZON-en
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Wij  lieten ons 'vrijwillig' vastzetten 
in oude Mer-Ka Pa-Tronen 
Vertikale Leynen van tijd-ruimtecellen
en Horizontale ruimte-tijdcellen
Het kruis slaan we zelf
met onze handen en ARMen 
GeBONDen in on-geloof
vergETEN wat we ZIJN
Een levenloos windlicht,
een gek soort van ELF,
een gouden uitspiralende kerstPHIek
een Go-PHI
van ONZe echte Zelf 
Ver-DOM-mij hoorden onze cellen
en ON-schuldig dachten dat zij het waren
 en dover en dover werden onze oren
onze VERSTOPTE Go-Phi vroed’vrouwen’ 
Ge-BAAR-d doordat onze innerlijke Zon
verdicht is door een Vlecht
zodat de pure goddelijke boodschappen 
ARTificieel worden terug gebogen
over de electrische hORIzON
terug via een externe ELF Cern,
  & de GO-PHI zon
Aangetrokken door onnatuurlijk h-oren;
een kunstmatige OM-weg
van een levende ZON
naar een dode lucifer
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This GRAND symphony from Beethoven is a real creation
channeled outside the box to whole our e-motions!
Our EARth EARs look like wombs and inside of them are wombs as 'well',
as copy's/GO-PHI's spiralling outside-in to linear polar ELF's, via External EMF Suns,
diluting and bypassing the Original Messages from our Inner Innocent Self
Een baarmoederloos wezen
kan niet scheppen vanuit LEVEN 
Het is een ARTIficieel hart
een vrucht van de boom van Licht
Jij hebt de keuze
voor MAcht in de MAtrix
or KrAcht vanuit je Zon Ontvlecht
De zin en onzin van het licht
Is al VOL-LEDIG in onze KERN
Het is voor ons om TOE te laten
of te blijven Ver-STOPpen
achter de maskers en zwaarden
van het IJSheilige woord 
in den beginne was er licht
en tegelijk kwam er de dood
Er is geen tijd,
Er is geen ruimte
En het gebed?
heeft NU een eind! 
Wie we zijn is n-ergens en n-ooit
We zijn net als magneten
Onze KERN blijft HEEL
en IS in al dat LEEFT
Ere zij je eigen WAARheid! 
Jij bent toch zeker ZELF GOD
in het ECHTE Chaya zonder tijd; 
Chaya Sophia & de ZON herenigt
in warmte van je eigen hart!
De aarde en de hemel
nu dansend IN het woord
Een VRIJE keuze voor een ieder
bij elke hemelpoort
Short Dutch song; Enki & Anu channeling 6D
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22-22 de christ en de non-christ op een paar haren na ver-enigt in het Alles en Niets