UnDefining the Black & White Labels like Autism, ADHD, ADD, HSP, etcetera

* SEEing Colors in a Black & White world 
There are literally two worlds blending together right now.
Or drifting apart, that depends on the way you view things. 
First and foremost;
one is not ‘better’, ‘worse’, ‘lower’ or ‘higher’ than the other.
Hierarchy is a binary, dualistic con-cept of the black and white ARTIficial world that has lost its ART.
I am referring to the increasing ability to see through different perception levels, where a black and white world does not see the abundant colors yet.
You can view it as a growing scale from being asleep, to (copying) consciousness and awareness. 
Awareness in the sense that one has made all unconscious shades of grey and colors conscious. 
We are all Present right now in our Top Life to naturally transform this world of polarities into a joyful, balanced, harmonious and colorful one! 
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One can see the old personality as the Black & White past self and the abundant Colorful Version as your future Chayan self!  
No exceptions! 
We are all here to shine our True Self!
Our Colorful True Self sees and acknowledges
everything and every one equally.
It knows no separation! It has integrated all colors (aka frequencies) and it is whole in the now!
* The Black & White world of EMF e-motions, thoughts and ego from the separate mind 
The Black & White world is the world that the so called rulers of this planet are programming in such a way that our personalities continue perceiving the old through cyber I's. 
These manipulative rulers (read; our surpressed alternate self's) unconsciously feel and think that they have totally lost their trust in, hence their connection with, their true colorful selfs.  
So 'they' hollow heartlessly beLIEf that they can only continue ‘living’ (read; ruling aka surviving) if they defend this copied unreal, lifeless and outdated version of the imprisoned planet.
They fight for this until the bitter finite end on the old crumbling timelines, as they are not capable yet to perceive the hell they have created for themselves. This 1% might seem very 'rich', but of course most of us know it is but a meager copy of the true natural abundance that we are.
That is why most universities and schools have been designed in the same fashion; to keep the personality constructs shattered in a black and white alpha brain waved sleeping state.  
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 Binary Con-Cepts under the Tavistock umbrella
Atlantean 'masculine' (read; non-divine) technologies; artificial food, mercury vaccines, medicines, and other forms of ‘health’’care’ also play their part to suppress the natural and innate colors of the human race. 
Basically governments, media, science, education systems, religions, spirituality and truth movements all are severely under the influence of mind control coming from these rulers.  
All these Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) are copies of our original colors 
as virtual brain wave distortions 
to prevent our Innocent Colorful Self to naturally and clearly translate 
The Original Silent Language 
through the One Heart that we all share.
Realise that technology and death are con-cepts that started when one group of people got power over another group of people!
* The Colorful world of silent feelings, intuitions, actions from infinity 
Now imagine, as a colorful being you incarnate, visit or walk straight into this narrowed down, neurotypical Black & White world. 
The programmed personality construct most probably feels like the outsider looking in, an ‘ET’ from outer space……………
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Often, before awakening, you think that every one sees and feels the same way as you do! 
It might take quite some time before you find out that this is not the case!
And when you do, you might feel completely lost in thoughts, powerless, triggered, out of balance and homesick! 
Depending on the number of colors AND honesty & boldness one has embodied and integrated, one can feel like committing suicide to being in full alignment with who you truly Are!  
Please know and feel that you are being deeply honored, respected and loved for who you are; this exact moment of reading these words ! No matter how you might feel, if your tree is shaking or not.
These are VITAL times for humanity, and you play a CRUCIAL part 
and carry a SPECIAL gift & part of the puzzle withIN you 
to transform all the black and whites back into LIVING colors!
Take as many body breaths if you will and simply allow and breathe in the feelings that come with these words deeply into your belly and allow all of your cells to release the old, in order to create space for the new, or the REAL.
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* Definitions are never the answer! 
When the ‘older’ generations went to school, they did not have all these silly, limiting definitions like autism, ADHD, ADD, HSP and ‘cures’ as they create even more separation and ice-olation than they actually heal. 
It does not mean at all that there were no colorful beings born onto this planet in those days! On the contrary!
We just gave it different meanings back then and we labeled those kind of kids 'difficult to handle', 'maladaptive', 'over sensitive' and what have we........
It means that due to the technological evolutions we are now more able to connect the dots!
And it also means that due to these Grand Transformational Times we are in, an increasing number of colorful beings are coming to join us! In spiritual circles they have also been defined as Indigo's, Rainbow Children, StarSeeds, Starchildren, Sunchildren, Crystal Children, Diamond Children, as they love to fill in the blancs.
The rulers of this planet made up these labels like Autism, ADHD and ADD, to perceive the colorful one’s as the 'dis-eased' one’s, the 'dis-ordered' one’s to keep the old world as it is (was, I should say); copied, upside down and inverted!
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I can absolutely SEE that it feels important for the personality construct to be seen and heard! A lot of children who have been diagnosed with a 'black & white label' are grateful for it!
Due to the programming their personalities long to fit in the dumbed down Black & White box, instead of coloring outside the lines which their True Colorful Self's intended to do before their arrival onto this planet. 
Although these labels and 'medicines' often might seem to create some temporary release for all parties, in reality they do more harm than that they truly work for the benefit of the whole! 
You might wish to bookmark this website as I will write a lot more about these topics in the coming years!  
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For there is a lot to share about the Real Earth Creators that are Present right now in these VITAL times to bring TRUE, Living colors into this world!  
 Some even bring a total package of colors 
that has never ever been embodied in human form!
It surely are exciting and fascinating times we live in right now and the fact that you are reading this makes my heart sing!
It is such a joy and an honor to share this journey with all of you and all that you truly are! 
To be continued in every sense and color of the word! 
Huge Heart Hug,
Chaya Sophia
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Your Future Self can be seen as the Innocent Colorful Child,
your Past Self as the Black and White version
 Embody them both in the Present of the NoW