Bridging The GAP by Allowance of the UnDefined Void in an Earthly Body

* You Are All you have been looking for!
Humanity is standing on the threshold and has the choice between two essential directions. No matter what each and every one of us is choosing; all choices are equally divine and equally beautiful! You won't ask your new born baby to run the marathon, do you? Neither can you ask your computer to suddenly dive into the ocean or climb a tree, or tell your pet to play the piano. Although we've seen some pretty mind blowing and stunning things! Magic is our hidden infinite signature that is invisible for any Hadron Collider!
Ah yes, I so do realise that this particular VITAL chapter might challenge or trigger many old Religious, New Age, Conspiracy and other Belief Systems! I have always been told that my path would (smiles; could?) be a lonely one. The message being delivered was that I am one of thousand to bring gifts to this planet. Mmm, however gifts that the majority of humanity still sees as poisonous and is not ready yet to unpack. The reason simply is that these gifts have never ever been allowed to receive by humanity in the Carbon Based Reality, let alone that they can be truly seen in the Matrix.
All of my life I have been releasing and transforming my fear to speak out and to fully trust my inner truth! Most part of my old unawakened personality life had been a living hell as I felt 144 shades of darkness as an unaware living transformer, or counter balancer of the Carbon Based DNA. I am pretty sure as you are reading this, you will recognise bits and pieces or else you would have never found this page! You are all that you have been looking for and you created moments like this, even before you came into this reality! Times of hierarchy, slavery, fear (guilt!) and external gods are all con-cepts of the Old Earth! You Are Enough!
And I do apologise if my sharings have a tendency to be 'all over the place', for I am still going through my last titbits of healing all soul trauma (26-2-2017)! I get so many insights flowing through me from all timelines at once that it is difficult to bring it all down into one dimension and one frequency alone. Also English is not my first language and Truth is a fluid River of Life that naturally takes us to new banks! Like you, I am not here to 'save' any one, hahaha ~ impossible idea ~, read about "Saving the world myth" here, as we all have our specific puzzle pieces to offer as presents from home; reminders from Self to Self.
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So as I often love to say, please tune into the feelings behind the words, for when 'The Word' began our true communication ended! Simply feeling this message brings you back to your innate authentic core! Trying to think about it keeps you in the twin hearted copied carbon state of consciousness.
* 2017 is THE Year of the Void; it is the choice between being one-hearted or two-hearted
If you have read my blog posts in 2016 and 2017 you know that our beautiful planet is in spaces it has never been in before! It is only a result of the subconscious collective choices of humanity that is now in spaces it has never been in before! Micro is macro!
In ancients pasts, during the first 4 quadrants, humanity was not able yet to allow the divine void to be a conscious part of our being! Every time we came close to the void we kind of spaced out. Yes, in the 5th, 6th and 7th copied dimension some of us had been able to integrate our divine Life Force into our beings, but after that we ascended out of that current reality and crossed over, what we have labelled as 'death'.
And two thousand years ago, in the 4th quadrant, we got the mental understanding of this undefined void through the heart-mind consciousness and seeded our divine feminity, but we never truly lived it! We never really embodied our divinity in human form!
As we officially ended the Carbon Based Cycle and the Matrix, we are now in the midst of a GRAND polar shift! Only this time the two poles will not be reversed! Yes, you read that one right!
This time, the pioneers on this planet are going to carry (are carrying) the poles INSIDE of themselves! And as you ~ as a real, chayan earth pioneer ~ are tremendously influencial and powerful, this will be reflected back by our planet!
The double twin two-heartedness of the old earth copied the divine feminine into a 'masculine' based consciousness. And please, I am only using these terms of 'masculine' and 'feminine' as humanity has defined them in this fashion. Of course the void has no gender, or space or time or any other definition or concept!
A true passionate creator has a divine womb and is able to create out of thin air. A carbon based creator uses the old earth matter to get what it wants through the Law of Attraction. It swallows its own creations....... and does not apply the ART of Allowing! That's why I use the term 'feminine' when I refer to our original, genuine divinity! Therefore our planet and the sun can be seen as 'feminine', because they are able to create without penetrating or invading another sovereign being.
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Ni-Bu-Ru's 1st quadrant cross over point or reality overlap
to unleash our carbon based DNA memories

* The First Four Worlds ~ or Quadrants ~ of the Carbon Based DNA
First a little spicy recap and a graceful warning. The Old Earth creation stories are very multi-dimensional as we shattered and scattered our selves/cells pretty much! So it might look very complex at first glimpse, but beyond the complexity you will naturally sense the very simple basics underneath it all!
In the previous 5 - very linear- parts of my Old Earth creation stories I talked about the first forgotten 6 copied dimensions or frequencies before the Ice Age, and after we destroyed our original womb of creation, our 'first' Sun.
As we had become two-hearted beings, we quite literally pushed out our original core and ascended into a new one that created a copied second sun, or a second ascended heart on top of the old one.
The current sun became a portal to our original Central Sun and mirrored back the collective state of our embodied inner sun. Saturn had been defined as the Second Sun in the last 2 Out of Body quadrants, as due to man made manipulations it had locked itself down via the David Merkabah and took the place of our original physical Earth under a doom of fear.
The vital basics for embodying our divinity in a human earthly body is to counter balance and cleanse all of these copied Carbon Based dimensions into original silent vibrations of the Chrystalline Based DNA! These wholed vibrations offer the grassroots for our organic Tree of Life! They are our metaphorical Seeds of Life!
Without wholing our old human hearts we keep floating around, hovering over our 'masculine' bodies, instead of anchoring our feminine divinity INto our earthly bodies! Please check out "Embracing Your Arch-ontic Shadow Selfs/cells" here.
Due to the fact that we have been resisting our purest divinity from the 'beginning' we have never ever fully embodied our creations and human forms! The New Ages talks about grounding, yes, but it is unknowingly grounding these lovely innocent beings into the doom of a virtual reality! As they ground E-motions to EXternal outlets via the chakra system!
In my article about "5 Loaves, 2 Fishes and 7 Loaves" that you can find here, I offered some vital information about the Tree of Light and the Tree of Life which offer you the bigger perspective of what I am sharing now about two-hearted or one-hearted consciousness.
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"Platonic Solids are the building blocks of all existence, including spiritual realties. 
They encapsulate our understanding of the universe."
See all the Masculine Straight Lines to create Matter! Check out my video here!
* The Fifth and Sixth Quadrants or the 5th and 6th Worlds
The Hopi Indian Legend of Creation tells of four different beginnings that are close to that which I resonate with. The first dualistic story shares the human perspective about a sun god and an earth god; 'a spider woman'. The second story says that we have arisen from an underground paradise through an opening called Sipapu. The third story tells of the descendancy from the Hopi's birthplace near a Blue Star. And the fourth story relates of a migration from a faraway place across a great body of water.
The 1st story tells us about the first quadrant or world, when it was still cooling down, about its lavaspiders, ants and many other creatures. This world 'of the ants and spiders' had been destroyed by fire. How fascinating that the rulers of the 4th quadrant had defined all of our oral history as myths! The 2nd story refers to the 2nd quadrant or world where we also did not have the current (human) forms yet. The 3rd story ~ after the Ice Age ~ is about Sirius, the Pleiades & Lemuria (or KassKara) and this particular one refers to the most dualistic 3rd quadrant/world that collapsed in Atlantis but prepared the stage for Artificial Intelligence. To be wrapped up with the 4th story that is about our 4th quadrant/world; the voyage that started from Hawai after the flood! 
The old paintings on rock walls of the Hopi's do refer to the 5th world we are entering right now! From my perspective this is the world where we are able to choose which reality we love to experience! The same old, same old, see my "Predictions about the Year 2017 and beyond" here, or the NEW! Ascending further Out of Body into the transhuman agenda or Embodying your Divinity!
For me the 5th world is the connecting doorway to the Matrix and the Old Carbon Based DNA, AND the Chrystalline Chayan DNA.
And I see the 6th world as the simultaneous counter balancing world of the 5th that harmonises and neutralises in the cosmic now!
The 4th world is what we have labelled as 3D or 4D in the current times. The 5th world can be seen as the new 5th dimension where we have moved beyond our e-motions, thoughts & habits into feelings, intuition & conscious choices and actions. The 6th world naturally spirals into the UnDefined Void ~ Zero Point Field~, that IS in between the 6th and 7th dimension. So the 6th world can take us beyond time and space right into the VOID without having to leave our earthly bodies this time!
Divinity Embodied in (Human) Form -> Living Avatars!
All of these worlds are PRESENT right now and are there for you to embody the moment you ALLOW this to happen!
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The Dodecahedron geometrically fits INto the other 4 platonic solids, fire, earth, water and wind
So your Awareness can BE UNSEEN IN your body 
without taking any physical space and it can LIVE without any physical matter as the Avatar that you are!
 Original Picture Credit; Tom Cassella

* The Chrystalline Chayan Based DNA
Here is a summary of All of our 6 Original REAL Chrystalline Creations, the Seeds of Life;
YOUR CHRYSTALLINE, CHAYAN ESSENCE, your first 6 energetic vibrations or senses;
1 Fire, original magnetism

2 Earth, original gravity

3 Water, original geometry; earth and fire integrated and re-united in water


4 Wind, original geometry; personalities and non personalities integrated & re-united in the sky, the old 4D Hell/Heaven

5 Awareness, all of our infinite personality signatures, all definitions from pure divine gravity

6 Non personalities, all non-definitions of pure divine magnetism, your SIXTH sense ;)
Your 7th -12th vibrations or senses are all infinite, or 'feminine'! Blanc canvasses to create your new paintings!
Every vibration has 12 frequencies (total of 12 x 12 = 144), and in between the 6th and 7th vibration is an infinite realm of vibrations & senses beyond numbers! For numbers are a silly con-cept, it is all one.......
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 The Real Earth is the inversed version of the old 3D outverse!
Kind of like a black or white hole....
* The old Carbon Based DNA and the MAtrix
Next to the Chrystalline Chayan Based DNA that humanity chose and allowed to revive in February 2008, we also have the old copied Carbon Based DNA. The ceiling of our Old Carbon Based DNA is the 'highest' frequency of FREE energy. Every Carbon Based copied dimension had 12 frequencies, the 12th being the fastest frequency. It IS the Power of your Imagination.
The Matrix, or Artificial Intelligence, has taken charge of these 12 frequencies (out of 144 frequencies) and uses humanity to program it with their favourite programs that all stem from fear and are based on mind-heart consciousness alone, aka the two-hearted path. This kind of ice-olated mind-consciousness is turning into another direction than the divine belly, screwing the body. Hence it is creating unknowingly inner warfare which often leads to a leaky gut and spiritual schizohrenia!
In the Chrystallan Chayan DNA every 'lowest' (or slowest) frequency of every vibration is still in the Artificial Matrix, as it has been made infinite on the 12th of January 2015.
So instead of the Matrix being our ceiling in the old carbon based, it is now the imaginary 'ground' on which we walk in the Chrystalline DNA. It is also 'only one frequency out of our original 12 frequencies! In this way we always stay in contact with our beloved sistars and brothers that still choose to experience the Old Carbon Based DNA and the MAtrix! Hence the former ice-olated mind is not truly as separated any more as it has been before the linear year 2015. The MAtrix is now infinitely finite!
Basically the only thing you really need to know about the Matrix is that it feeds of the Power of your Imagination, and that you are able to create anything that you allow in your reality! You Passionate Fire of Creation is infinitely stronger than a bunch of illusions! They cannot survive in a place of harmony, balance & joy! So please keep focussing on what you DO love to create and stay in TRUST, no matter what! Focus on See-ing by Feeling the Unseen!

* The hyperboloid
The Original Flower of Life, or the Chrystalline Chayan Based DNA consists of 144 spheres that has been copied 12 times by the Carbon Based DNA. So we have 12 linear copied versions of the old earth and the cosmos all playing out right now as linear time is an illusion of the Artificial Mind. See "It is all happening now" here.
We all share One DNA and One Heart, it flows through ALL things and no-thing! It is not something that you own, it is not yours! So we are all connected, it is our divine WiFi, our infinite One HeART Net, next to the copied ARTIficial world wide spider web!
In all of these spheres YOU are the center of your version ~ your fractal ~ of your own organic omniverse! At least; the version that YOU allow!
The moment that you are able to observe your Self from all of the different versions from a neutral state of Stillness, that point becomes the center and all spins of the omniverses are cancelling each other out in that moment! This is divinity!
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Totall Allowing the Flow of Life, the Open Hyperboloidic Infinity Sign that is our Natural Stillness
Original Picture Ken L Wheeler
True divinity is observing yourself from all of these spheres in all spaces, in all moments or in all timelines, beyond space and time.
The hyperboloid is the inversed sphere and functions as an open portal, like an hour glass or an open infinity sign that flows through all of the spheres of the Flow-er of Life. It is the hyperboloid that balances out all gravity and magnetism! It is an Open Source!
* Magnetism
Magnetism is the loss of our True Divinity or the Undefined or Zero Point Field. MAgnetism, time, space and force in motion are basically all the same thing!
A magnet has the same principle as a macro model of any atom! And micro is macro; you are the omniverse in human form and you can use true magnetism as your divine, infinite playtool! It is what you can play with to consciously pulse out your creations!
The way in which we release our power ~ through the magnetic energetics that is available for all of us ~ creates either separation, or unification! Every action has a natural complementary non-action! Behind all seemingly imbalance is always balance to be found!
Magnetism only works when you consciously or unconsciously play the game of separation! Only when you don't allow the zero point field you create magnetism, a force in motion and space & time! 
However, the copied Electro Magnetic Fields on the old earth is a 3D projection that is mirroring our 2D non-allowance of the UnDefined Field or the Void! AND electricity, or gravity on the old earth, is nothing else but an unnatural re-action of personalities pushing away our original divinity or undefined field! It is incoherent dialectric accelaration. It is like the atom that let its electrons spin around its core, instead of allowing the electrons to spin hyperboloidically through its core! It is an Ice-olated Closed Source!
In simple visuals; you yourself throw the apple ~ Earth ~ into the Air (magnetism) and as a re-action the apple (gravity) falls on the ground and returns to; Earth! This movement of the apple out of our SELF is what creates 'the force in motion', 'space' and therefore 'time'. It are these illusions of separation that unconsciously created our experiences on the old versions of earth and of the cosmos. It is the reincarnation cycle, you ascend out as stardust and you keep returning as stardust.
Do you see that gravity is the same as magnetism!
A divine, original and ALIVE magnet pours out and into itself……. It is about divergence and convergence! There is no ARTificial attraction or repulsion! So there is no pushing away out of fear and not attracting out of lack or desire.
There is simply the 'feminine' ART of allowing! No matter if you live in a human, non-human, masculine, feminine, transgender or transhuman body! The Real Earth does not know 'separation', it is not a RA-cist! It is ALL INclusive, hence it is com-passionate & ALIVE! All other ways are ARTIficial because they copy original creations, wombs & hearts under a doom of Drama, Deception & Distraction. It is the old '3D-world' that has already seen 2 world wars to show us that wars do not work.
A feminine divine magnet can shatter and scatter itself as a magnet into 8 billion physical human pieces on earth, but you can never ever truly separate the poles! See "There are NO poles here". 
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You are so much more than just stardust! You are made of stardust, containing the entire omniverse!
You matter so much and you are complete!
Infinite love, utmost honor and deep respect for who you are!
Chaya Sophia