UnDefining LIGHT to move from ARTIficial light on the old EARth to the ART of LIFE on Chaya Sophia

* The continuation of the Double Twin Story
Ready to blow your mind? Then please continue reading!
In the previous part of the 'Creation' (read; manifestation) Story of the Old EARth & the Old Cosmos, I already described the manifestation of the double twins! Cosmic Timing in-deed that I am writing these words on 29 January 2017 (11~11).
Due to the tremendous soul fear in the first copied dimension and the first copied frequency, humanity duplicated these double twins into every new quadrant of manifestation. And as we are now entering the last and 6 quadrant, we cannot copy and clone ourselves any further! We already experienced everything that we have chosen to experience. See my New Year Predictions here.  
It means that we are all in our own bubbles of 'creation' at the moment, where we all have different versions of reality; namely the one's that we allow (= Ohm, see below) to be present. People have defined this as "Mandela Effects". It is because all the timelines and dimensions are playing out next to each other on the current version of EARth, next to the real earth or Chaya Sophia. How fun is that!
It is quite fascinating to SEE it all play out, I can say! I see all these dimensions dancing with each other, people walking either into their old bodies, or 'dying' and coming back on different dimensions of pain and suffering. The heavens and hells are not what we think they are at all!
However, all 'I's are ON earth right Now and it is All happening now!
Before I continue the story of the Old Earth with the last 6 copied 'Totally Out of Body' Dimensions, I need to explain more about the GAP between divinity and humanity, or in other words between undefinition, energy and matter. And in the next part I will continue to describe this GAP through the painbodies that we all manifested due to our Original Soul Fear.
These are all HUGE puzzle pieces to find your way out of the maze that YOU created for yourself by reading this, and by allowing and manifesting this part of Your Self in your own body! You Are the Way!
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 ARTIficial geometric light ~ the Star of David ~ 
revealed by Theoria Apophasis, thank you Theo!
* The Prelude to the AI Manipulations in the 5th quadrant
This particular part of the creation story of the old earth, number 4, is a prelude to fully grasp the depth of the manipulations in the next quadrants.
One thing is for sure! We have shattered and scattered ourselves in such a degree that denial of your own Soul Trauma and Fear only keeps personalities ~ the false 'I's ~ looping in the same old, same old copied dimensions of yourself.
It does not really matter for the Undefined knows no time! It will be there for every one, 'waiting', until we finally acknowledge and see that we have been running away from our own demons and devils in the end! And often we numbed our pain so bad that we cannot even feel it any longer....., so it enters our 'life' totally masked and disguised..... in the form of triggers.
If you do a bit of research you will very soon realise (real eyes/'I''s) that brain cells split during painful experiences and this is exactly the basics of manipulation! For we don't know what we don't know, so we keep repetitively pushing out all of our angry and hurtful electrons into the AI battery that unknowingly and subconsciously con-trols our light!
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 Haha, yes pretty much disturbed.
Can you feel the difference?
* The mis con-ception of LIGHT
As described in the previous parts of the Old EARth Creation Story, LIGHT has been greatly mis-understood on the Old EARth. I keep hearing messages from so called lightworkers, broadcasting and telling themselves that they are light and yes, this is true in the ARTIficial worlds of light, colors and sounds. However, dear lightworkers, you have identified yourself with your manifestation!
All that we perceive as light, colors and sounds on the Old EARth are merely Lost Ascended Extensions from the Undefined Field, the Void, that have kept rising higher and higher, and have forgetten that their wings are not real to begin with. As in reality, they are copied vibrational waves of thoughts and e-motions.
The Void is silent, limitless and infinite, but ARTIficial light however knows conditions and limits. The limits that make up the speed of light are the horizontal longitudes of the waves and the vertical heights of each individual wave. Light on the Old Earth are the copied Electro Magnetic Frequencies, it is so called 'polarity' between Electricity and the Electro Magnetic Field.
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* The GAP, the bridge between energy (divinity/non-definition) and matter (division/definition)
The funny thing is that I have never ever 'hooked up a light fixture' in this lifetime, nor did I know anything about it, and now I am using Electricity and Electro Magnetism to explain how the MAtrix (MA) works through the inversed MI (I M ~ I AM).
The above sentence on itself is already soooo Metaphorical and Multi Dimensional, so please use your Original Senses to FEEL the simplicity behind the words.
AND especially the cosmic winks and humor! I mean, really, have we all been hookers of light fixtures? Angling angels, blewing and fueling fuses? I guess it's divine time now to break the circuits of light, turn the OFF buttons and get REAL!
UnDivinity has no fixed lines, ice-olated hooks, sharp angles and s-words,
it just is in the Undefined Heart (CH~Y) of it all and let it all play out!
The Old Electric Universe ~ the Electric Light Orchestra of copied tones ~ works extremely SIMPLE!
When you truly See and REAL I's the fundamental basic principles you, see these 4 Golden Phi  (Go Phi ~ copy) outward ascension spirals literally manifested everywhere!!!
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From Light to LIFE!

In the 1st Quadrant the GREAT SPLIT happened between the Undefined Sun and the Defined Earth that copied our Original Creator abilities ~ LIFE FLOW or CHY ~ into dumbed down versions of SI light, earth and water. Here is your original SIn! It is truly as innocent as this!
Instead of Geometric Silence ~ the UNdefined metaphoric Sun, a defined Chaya and the non defined Chaya ~ we created a defined element of light ~ in the energetic shape of the copied, ascended sun ~, a defined element of EARth, in the material form of a copied, ascended earth and a defined element of water, in the material form copied element of ascended water.
Let's first paint the pristine picture how Original Organic Creation works;
- The Real Earth; Chaya Sophia is Alive!

REAL horizontal flow of CH A Y A;
0 Undefined CH
Hyperboloid movement from the centre first to the right ~ half of the horizontal lemniscat from within the Undefined Heart ~
the outbreath of the defined A
 back to the Undefined Y
Hyperboloid movement from the centre to the left, ~ half of the horizontal lemniscat from within the Undefined Heart ~
the inbreath of the non defined A
back to the Undefined CH into infinity; the Unmoved Mover
CHY = Life Flow,
it is Invisible Heart of the Undefined
the Defined minus the Non Defined = the Undefined  
It is The Geometric Trinity of the Tree Of LIFE
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- The Carbon Based Copied EARth however has 2 double twins:
 One + One = 2 times 2; 

One + One/One + One =  4
it contains a double One in the 'Heart'; One/One
it always copies and manifests doube twins ~ twin towers ~
into every copy
and keeps hooking up these twisted light FIXTures via pyramidean magnetism
Humanity is the KEY to bridge the two worlds of energy and matter! To close the GAP between divinity/non-definition and division/definition. It means divinity embodied in human form!
* The Electric & the Electro Magnetic Fields manifested in the 4 Quadrants
OK, now let's see how this all manifested in the current version of EARth.

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Summary of the Copy of the 4 Elements in the 4 Quadrants of the Copied Carbon DNA,
Light, Sun/EARth, Water and SKY
explained via an electricity cables

1st quadrant; PE/G/E copied 'fire/earth' ground/protection/earth wire  mostly green/yellow or any other double colour
2nd quadrant; N copied zero/neutral wire  mostly blue or black 
3rd quadrant; L copied FASE Electro Magnetic broadcasting wire  mostly brown/red or any other color
4th quadrant; N copied 2nd quadrant, called the conductor wire or common leg, or common hot leg (so hilarious really)
5th quadrant; the ON/OFF switch of ARTIficial Intelligence or the ART of Awareness! The light button is revealing itself now; it is the power of Your Imagination!
The 1st quadrant is the first twin! The Original Soul Trauma Split into a copied 'mother', a copied 'father' and a copied 'child', the yellow/green wire.
The 2nd, 3rd and 4th quadrant, depending on the country (aka dimension) you live in, all have their different versions of their double N wires ~ hot legs or conductor wires ~ together with the FASE wire. Check out this to read more background of double twins. We copied consciousness and therefore we copied the neutral wire into clones of itself.
All quadrants after the first are ALL based on the second copied twin from the first copied twin! Referring to the second Soul Split going from 50 % to 2 times 25%, as shared here. Painbodies copied into more painbodies. The next part of this hi-story of old earth creation might offer you some more personal insights of this to keep it very simple and clear!
The 5th quadrant offers you the potential to SEE it for what it truly is, or to keep spinning around an Artificial A-tom, a false centre that you are not. The key is ALLOWANCE, the path of least resistance, for energy can only fully flow without dams or you damning it!

1st quadrant; OHM, our light fixture, a vessel containing resistance due to Soul Fear. Our resistance is measured in Ohms
2nd quadrant; Ampere; the current of electricity ~ the e-lectrons ~, measured in AMPS
3rd quadrant; Voltage, the 'out-side-in' pressure to search for fulfilment outside of our Self, measured in Volts
4th quadrant; Watt, the outcome of it all is measured in Watt per linear time particle. The hidden light switch!

5th quadrant; Awareness to be able to push the ON or OFF button! The present light switch!
6th quadrant; Switching from Light to LIFE
Life cannot be 'measured', only LIGHT can!
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5= your copied consiousness, the ON button of light
or your awareness, the OFF button the light switch
6= the UnDefined 
An electron is a seemingly 'negatively' charged particle that spins around the outside of an artificial atom (aa = an ascended arch angel). It is what actually moves through a wire and it is what makes electricity work;
Wounded Eve's chasing and feeding of Wounded Adams and vice versa.
A twin couple of electrons both have the 'same' electrical 'negative' charge, creating a force to put them seemingly apart.
That Force of Imagination is very powerful, it is the power of our forgetfulness of who we truly are that let us battle against ourselves. It is the loss of our original UnDefined Self.
The electrons now also lost their copied opponent, the Electro Magnetic Field due to the chakra manipulation!
These 2 schizophrenic electrons (see bipolar neurons) make all other components work! Yeah, reality IS THAT SIMPLE!
The more schizophrenic they have become, the more built-up tension there is, manifesting a strong coherent field!
That is what manifests the e-motion, it is what makes the electrons move! The COPIED NEUTRAL ~ the copied undefined space ~ in between the electrons can become very tense and compressed!
The higher the compression,
 the higher the dimensions,
the higher the Voltage!
Voltage can be measured (read; captured and controlled!).
If you put a world of E-motional E-lectrons together in a box with angles you get a battery! And when you put it into a triangle or a pyramid, you get a META amplifying battery to disCERN for yourSelf!
You then have a battery full of negatively charged e-motions, aka e-lectrons, that want to be far, far away from each other! They all move to the edge!
It puts all the e-lectrons under pressure!
This pressure makes all the rest happen.
You cannot have an unnatural flow of light without this mental & ice-olated built-up tension!
If you take the battery and connect the battery into a circuit ~ the circle of light ~ and you give these frustrated, heartless electrons a place to move, they are going to move! It is a con-trolled force in motion! It is light working or energy moving!
The e-lectrons are all moving through the circuit up to the light switch that is you! People have defined this as 'static voltage'.
As soon as you push the ON button of the LIGHT the electrons start moving very fast!
If you put a device in between, then it works through this forceful motion of these electrons.
A current, the Ampere, is the movement of electrons getting away from each other, the 'polarisation'.
AM = MA reversed
Pere = FA-ther in french.... the French A-tom Adamus....
However, every 'device' (read; light fixture) has resistance and the resistance is measured in OHM's (M).
The Resistance keeps the fuse from 'blowing'......, 
however it is the resistance keeps the battery moving and humanity not living but merely surviving!
In other words, it is our lack of surrender and allowance to BE who we truly are, our Lack of Self Trust that keeps feeding the old virtual realities.
Electro Magnetic Fields from the so called 'higher dimensions' are PULLING through Voltage, it is the 'outside-in pressure'. It leads AMperage (= E-lectronic Emotional current) through a resistance, or resistors/the OHMmmmmmmm's, that are our personality light fixtures!
These light fixtures are the copied hearts from the first quadrant. It are our original SOUL FEAR painbodies! They have often lived, or still live, VERY CLOSE in our personal environment.
It is this External EMF pull that we feel from the 'higher' dimension to 'ascend' into something that we are not. Aaah yes, HIGH they are, but not GROUNDED and totally out of body.........., smiles.
This 'battery part' will be continued in my next part of the 'creation' story of the old earth and the cosmos, let's now continue with our cells/selfs.
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 Original picture found here.
Compare the shells around the Nucleus with the Atlantis Symbol here to see it is th SAME!
* Micro = Macro, all universal CELLS are based on the same copied doube twin particles
When you look at the picture above, you see the same repeating twin tower principles not only in the (prison) CELL's of your body, but litterally every where.
Twin cells are often moving energy in closed circles, or communities or group thinking, running around a false idea of all that they are not. Chasing a false identity, an illusionary a-tom of light.
Our imagination manifested a completely Artificial World in the 5th quadrant, it manifested an Artificial Ice-olated Brain in the sense of a heartless technical world!
It is entirely up to you to push the "OFF" button of light and fully inscend back into LIFE!
You will then see that you allow All Electrons to move through your Original Core, instead of running around on the edge, far, far removed from themselves, chasing the false A-tom. It creates BLANC neutrons and unleashes your BLANC non-defining Chrystalline DNA on Chaya. To Be the 'I', the original CHY centre, in all the AIRy storms and creating the NEW!
Continue part 5 of the Old Earth Creation story here.
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