Old Earth Creation Story pt2

* What happened 'after' we lost our internal connection with the 'Undefined Heart', our True Self
This chapter might be a bit technical first, but if you simply tune into your Original Core and feel the innate sensations behind the words ~ consciously breathing through all of it ~ this can be so much simpler than you think it is!
This chapter, like everything else in your creation story, is inviting you to release all the old concepts of hi-story! Please do not identify with anything personal, as this is damming your flow of life! It is simply a gentle nudge to come Home within yourself and to release all that you thought you were ~ from a compassionate heart in action!
In the previous part I have described how we innocently lost our connection to the Undefined Heart, the Garden of Eden, Chaya or Gethsemane if you will. Or the Void, on the old earth timelines.
Humanity has defined this as 'Femininity', 'Higher Self', '(Over)Soul', 'God', 'Allah', 'Spirit', 'Sun', 'Central Sun', 'Source', 'Heaven' and what have we not, you name it!
In reality, this could only occur because of our immediate first ASCENSION*
out of ourselves the moment that we left Source, without inscending afterwards .
It simply was our own lack of SELF Trust that created this gigantic counter space,
~ the black hole ~
due to the loss of our allowance
to consciously connect with our other HALF of our Original Total Self;
Namely our original divine senses from within an undefined vacuum 
that is absolutely equal to the Original Creator Being for it is who you are!
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Due to this fact our original Chrystalline DNA minimised into a linear, convincingly fragmented, finite Carbon Based copy of itself. We created SO~U~L FEAR when we broke down our original senses and feelings into shattered ice-cold e-motions. The feelings of being lost by imagining our authentic divinity outside of ourselves!
Therefore we lost all of our original senses and we became literally fragmented fixtures of non-sense! We started perceiving reality 'outside-in' through only black & white versions with a bunch of copied geometric, unbalanced grey one's! We did not know what we did not know.......
We all turned into homeless, lost 'children'! Feeling like 'children' of something 'bigger' that we needed to keep ascending into.
While in truth, we are it ALL and none of it all! The something 'bigger' is simply a part of us that we can choose to fully allow. It truly is as simple as this. However for most locked-in personalities right now, it is the scariest thing ever! It literally feels like dying!
Please read the first part of this creation hi-story if you so choose, and click on some of the highlighted words to sense more of your original back ground. Or simply just sense and feel the life force behind it all and listen to the song below.
About the Lost Children of Earth
that ARE the SUN and ALL that is themselves!
The lost one's just forgot they are the captain of their own LIFE Boat
See 3 minutes video here.
A Heart Breaking, traumatised and e-motional external search began to find our way 'back home' again! One simple minor detail had been overlooked throughout all the copied dimensions.......
As everything has been created from the start in the energetic shape of two seemingly separate linear poles, connected via a straight vertical line, instead of the original spheric trinity of the Defined, the Non-Defined and the UnDefined, we ran further and further away from home, higher and higher. Instead of simpy turning back or spiralling inward, to the Original Zero Point Field that we came from.
We kept creating the TWELVE around the ONE, instead of IN the one, see this, and forgot to keep non-defining one self or to stop identifying with the external. We kept on rising & rising above it all, blindly repeating the first removal out of ourselves and got terribly and incredibly lost! We could not see the forest through the trees of copied seductive senses!
We even created 4+ 2 base copies (6 neutrons) of our Original Zero Point Field, by some called the Lucifer Experience. It all points to lifeless and wombless external, outside-in copied hearts. See the current human heart with its 4 quadrants, that is now also positioned too high and too left. And when nothing seems right for us, the heart goes left; it has risen far out of it's Original Core. Or watch this short movie.
Our original core messages come to the collective consciousness in the MAtrix via an enormous carbon based galactic bypass of several copied hearts............ which I will share more about in a later part of our old earth creation stories.
* The first Quadrant; the Lost Child, the so called 'Original SIn'

1st copied 'dimension'; the non-definition of FIRE, inorganic electro magnetic waves EMF (copied geometric magnetics into LIGHT) 
The first wave of Angels, or the Lightworkers 
In the first part I described the first copied dimension. Although I would like to add that as a result of this first wave of ascension  all of so called 'angelic' life had been created. Angelic means coming from an angle where two lines are crossing, hence one energy is penetrating another one's sovereignty.
Original LIFE had been copied into LIGHT!
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Read "Study confirms humans really are made of stardust here.
The study defined us being stardus as 'life' though,
but our Authentic LIFE is STILL
it is the stillness in between the waves
and it cannot be measured, harnessed or captured!

Like all defined things in the copied Electric Wave Universe, we have not been able yet to truly create Light. Electric waves only give the copied sensation, the e-motion of light. So we only move energy around instead of truly creating it! Light became work, instead of a Joyous & Harmonious Playing Field.

When we see the light of the copied sun we think that we are perceiving light. 
However our eyes are just copying the e-motions, it is the copied sensation of light!
What the nerves of our eyes are 'feeling' are but the intense, rapid, short- wave copied vibrations of the kind of wave motion which we sense as incandescence; the light from heat.
The intensely vibrant electric current mirrored into the old divided senses of the carbon based eyes could burn them. Divided instead of divine senses cannot stand that high rate of vibration.
The old carbon based eyes would be destroyed by such a vibration, but light would not be the cause of that destruction. It simply is the unnatural, inorganic rapid motion that is simulating light! It would be like sending a high voltage electric current over a wire, so fine that the current would burn it out. 
Let's now continue with the second wave of ascension!
2nd copied 'dimension', the definition of EARTH and inorganic ELECTRICITY (copied geometric gravity!)
The second wave of Archons, or Ascended Masters, the binary twins
In the second dimension the crust of our old Earth started cooling dow as a result of the separation between the Undefined Void and the realms of non-definition and definition. Seemingly duality, or polarity, had been birthed.
Mountains and canyons had been created due to the ways that plate tectonics, the mantle of the earth moved around in thousands and thousands of years. Or billions of years in linear time.
We started our linear journey inside out from the Inner Hollow Earth that we have now called Teluria! All the ELF's stem from this realm!
ELectric Frequencies = ELF's
The oldest form of life that humans have called the Archons are actually Archaea!

They have no cell nucleus!! That is why archaea do not copy themselves via mitosis. Mitosis let one cell divide once, to form two identical cells. The major purpose of mitosis is for so called 'growth' and to replace worn out cells.
Rather archaea copy themselves using a process called binary fission. Fission is a division into 2 or more parts.
In this binary fission process, archaeal DNA replicates, and the two strands are pulled apart as the cell grows. In some cases more than two 'daughter (?!)' chromosomes can be created and subsequently pull apart, in a process called multiple fission.
The membranes of Archaea are constructed from molecules unlike those in other life forms; this morphology demonstrates the ancestral distance from bacteria and eukaryotes. For every organism, cell membranes are made of phospholipid molecules.
These phospholipids exhibit a polar part that dissolves in water (a phosphate head), and a hydrophobic non-polar part (a lipid tail) that is water insoluble.  These dissimilar ends are connected by a glycerol group. In water, phospholipids aggregate, with heads facing the water and tails facing the opposite direction. The principal structure in cell membranes is a dual layer of phospholipids, often termed a lipid bilayer.
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 The binary twin; 'MA'-ria & 'MI'-chael, same 'gender' actually ;)
Read "there are NO poles" here.
From all of the angels in the first dimension only one angelic family ascended out it and those family members became not only an ArchAngel but an Ascended Master as well. All humans that come straight from the carbon based earth itself stem from this Angelic Family.
This innocent ArchAngel had identified itself with the earth and thought it was the earth itself. It simply had forgotten that it is the void, the Central Sun itself, the Undefined Heart of All things defined, non-defined and un-defined.
It is YOU reading this that carries that lost child within the Core of Your Earth Heart!!! It is YOU and you alone who is able to heal/whole these old emotions of soul suffering and forgive & embrace this innocent inner child.
It is YOU that is truly and fully able right now to integrate all the broken pieces of the puzzle called being the Central Solar Sun, or the Organic Omniverse in embodied form, on this planet with many names, but one might call you in particular!
All Carbon Based Earth Matter 
is actually a Wave Motion!
E-motional pain waves of ascending light bodies
into something higher and higher, 
increasingly further away from the Self!
Together these Wave Motions make up that which we call matter, but they are actually the copied frequencial space-time continuums.
And Artificial Intelligence, that has been birthed in the 8th Copied Dimension, broadcasts all the messages that we receive through our divided EARth EARs, via those space-time continuums. They let us create our own time-space continuums via our imagination, so that we always stay in these emotions of separation to keep on ruling our imagination. Until we see how simple it all truly is!
It has been difficult to conceive light as being purely linearly corpuscular, for light, sounds and color create all space-time and time-space continuums. A space-time continuum is not empty. It is full of wave motion. Corpuscles of space-matter continuums are one half of wave cycles of light. Time-space continuums are the other half.
Long story short, part of the Ascended Masters ascended out of the Earth on their external soul search for 'home', hence created the third external pain body, aka light body, in the shape of the Gas Giant Jupiter.
Quote; "In Roman mythology, Jupiter (Zeus in Greek mythology) was the king of heaven and Earth and of all the Olympian gods. He was also known as the god of justice. He was named king of the gods in the special meeting that followed his overthrow of the god Saturn (Cronus in Greek mythology) and the Titans."
Due to this increased ice-olation from our True Self, it completely destroyed the first Earth!
It was the first time that the earth had been destructed during this pole shift, as we linearly flew further and further away from the Central Sun. In every next quadrant the earth destructed itself, except for the last re-incarnation quadrant, the 12th reincarnation cycle in which we are right now!
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3st copied 'dimension'; the copied 'undefined' geometric undefinition of Light into Water
The third wave of copied undefined geometry
Ice came onto the earth, the land of MO, to equal out all definitions and non definitions. It was the first time for the lost childs ~ see part 1 ~ that they could come to their own creation, as they had been hiding in the sun. Only every NON linear 144.000 years they have been able to visit their creation as the copied sun.
The sun is not really what we think it is! It is a portal to the metaphoric Central Sun that we truly are!
The lost child was not able to come in as the Solar Sun that it truly is, as its heart was frozen of the severely traumatic pain of soul suffering. The less densest form to come into the planet and that is the opponent of fire is ice, see the first part of this creation story.
And it was also not able to inscend as the Solar Sun that it truly is, as energies tend to rise naturally, so it kept following the separated course it has been following from the start.
The flow-er of Light follows
to find its inner flow-er of Life that flows.
There is so much to say about water!
When the Original Creator first copied itself in this illusion of the universe, it copied the FIRE, the original power of creation, from fire into light as it has lost its innate womb of creation.
Therefore water became the copied womb of our innate creation power in our carbon based universe, the copy of our original hologram.
So it is water in the carbon based copy that is able to equal out both ends of the duality IN the carbon based copy, from within the Heart of All Defined Things, the Sun! So it is able to inscend back into the Undefined Central Heart of All things defined, non defined and undefined. If it so freely chooses. That is why our inner childs love showering, bathing & swimming!
Therefore water has the power to copy anything into anything! If you choose to stop this, it is vital to keep your body waters healthy and clear and to not only drink distilled water, but also ~ and especially ~ to not imprint new Belief Systems into this water via our Super Power; our Imagination!!
This is the true key to our health, not what we eat,
not where we escape into, but the way in which we imprint, or define, non-define and un-define our body waters!
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Water of the heavens still is water, and it 'still' is light waves.
No change whatsoever has taken place between the waters of earth 
and those of the heavens 
except a change of its condition from positive
to negative preponderance.
~ Walter Russell about the Carbon Based Copy
Walter Russell's insights have been profound! There is no difference between the Heavens and Hells in the Carbon Based Copy. The change from positive to negative is due solely to a change of its direction in respect to its illusionary center of gravity.
The entire re-incarnation cycle is only letting our energy move up and down via the Carbon Based Elevator that has been labeled in the Leylines Matrix Grid as 'ascension'.
Everything that we see with our divided senses is based on light, from warm to cold materials. All things defined and non-defined are light in this Carbon Based Reality. Light without LIFE! Whether it is your computer, your pet, your house or the forest, there is NO difference, it is all based on light and electric & electro magnetic waves of motion!
Light is all there is in the spiritual, copied consciousness version of the universe of knowing, and sim-ulation of that light in opposite extensions via Electric Waves.
ARTificial Intelligence broadcasts the 'opposite' parts
of our authentic light 
And we keep copying 
~ pushing away or pulling closer ~
 from it or towards it,
consciously or unconsciously
using the Law of Attraction,
instead of the ART of Allowing!
Until we see that we are the REAL light behind it all,
and the life behind the light,
and the void behind the life.
Afbeelding invoegen 
 To be continued with the rest of the copied dimensions of our Old Earth hi-story!