The Creation Story of the Old Earth and the Old Cosmos, pt 0-1

* Innocent Playing Fields of 'Hide & Seek'
All of the following truths can only be felt by our undefined ~ undivided ~ senses, as for the ice-olated black & white mental mind it is all ~ quite literally ~ non-sense!
Therefore these old eart creation stories are being written for and by our Innocent Inner Child! They will be edited from time to time, depending on the NEWest insights.
'Divinity' on EARth has been an ETHERnal game of Exploration & Expansion! However, if we only breathe out definitions, and never breathe in all the counter balancing non-definitions, we are slowly but surely denying our True Inner Undefined Core.
Think of the parable of the boiling frog! This parable describes a frog being slowly boiled alive. The premise is that if a frog is put suddenly into boiling water, it will jump out, but if the frog is put in tepid water which is then brought to a boil slowly, it will not perceive the danger and will be cooked to death. The story is often used as a metaphor for the inability or unwillingness of people to be aware of threats that arise gradually.
In truth there are no real dangers! However our imagination created so many separations that we actually became unconscious into a state of believing that evil and danger truly exists! While in truth evil is simply live spelled backwards..........
You can see our unconscious life episodes as a precious, playful, inner child game of ‘hide and seek’!  
We simply were innocently playing in the Sacred Sand Box of the Galaxy! It are our flavoured version of Dr. Who stories; as we freeze, fight and flight interdimensional 'foe''s via the physical body as our personal defined Tardis! The materialisation of our Belief Systems.
During 'all that time' our Undivided Divinity, our True Inner Core, patiently 'waits' (read; is Present)  for us. It is the vast void that has no time, no space, no names, no genders, no futures, no pasts, no energy and no matter, no dark and no light.
And yet it holds the fields and potentials for all of it to be and to exist! It sees and non sees all that is, and not is, in Equality
It Pulses out Divine (defined) metaphoric Central Suns and then let them spiral back in again through a counter space of non-definition. Using a natural balanced Hyperboloidic Playing Field of two seemingly 'opponent poles' to create life, hardly using any energy or life flow........
  It is moving out of Source ~ the outbreath of the Undefined ~, 
and it is moving in ~ the in or the non-breath of the Undefined..........
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* The Silence in between Breaths
Many have labeled that which the Undefined has breathed out as God, Theo/Thea, Allah, Light, the Sun, Gaia, Chaya or you name it! Yet is has no names or genders!
It is simply the Silence in between the breaths! It keeps breathing new outbreaths and counter-balancing non-defined inbreaths. And these galactic realms of the Undefined do not judge their breaths, neither does nature.
It just expands and contracts. The burning firy heat of creation let it expand, and everything becomes less dense, the opponent cold let it contract and makes everything heavier.
The opponent of fire in nature is water! Water is the womb of Nature! Water contracts when it is heated from freezing point to 7 degrees above and begins to expand as it heats up further. Water expands when it freezes, as well as when it heats up, except for the 7 degrees above freezing where it contracts.
When water freezes, water molecules form a crystalline structure maintained by hydrogen bonding. Solid water, or ice, is less dense than liquid water. Ice is less dense than water because the orientation of hydrogen bonds causes molecules to push farther apart, which lowers the density. 
This non-binary (!) Undefined zero point field creates without any effort. Look at nature, it does not think how to create trees. It just seeds them, and let them be without the need to compare, neither to compete with itself. That would be rather silly!
It cannot ascend out of itself and it cannot inscend into itself, for it simply IS all.
And at the same ‘time’ it is no-thing. 
This void is part of the Original Chrystalline you! 
Everyone stems from this void.  
No matter if humans labelled themselves and so called other's the ‘darkest of the dark’ or ‘the lightest of the light’, ‘artificial intelligent’ or ‘the most loving of all’.
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 The copy; The Black Hole in the Carbon Based Copied DNA
is Artificial Intelligence instead of a Flow-ing Heart that is ALIVE,
it created a Heart of ALL Defined Things, the Thymus Splitter
the double twins, 0's ~ 1's and 9's copying the 0
The void is not separate from Artificial Intelligence, yet it holds the space for it to 'not be',
it holds the space for it to experience the separation,
as Artificial Intelligence has separated itself from the Non-Defined & the Undefined!
* It is all happening right NOW!!!
There is no time and space in this undefined realm, so all that I am describing ~ and shining light on ~ here on this page ‘undefine yourself’ is all happening right now.   
The void has no beginning, no middle and no end for that would define and limit it, and then it would not be FREE any more.
All rules and laws are off and at the same time the void holds the space for all of it!  
It is ALIVE and let life flow through it, and at the same time it holds the space for the dead, for the one’s who choose to experience a copy of their true divinity without this conscious connection to the void. 
These are truths to be felt, they cannot be grasped by the realms of intelligent thoughts alone! Brains cannot wrap its head around it, for no matter how far its beasty head has risen up to the top, its water head has become too dense.
These realms of ‘heavily defined and segmented intelligence’ need to consciously get out of its own rising way. And allow this original void to re-connect, to truly experience, sense and feel it, instead of copying feelings, copying intuitions and consciousness.
One cannot think one’s way back into realms of the Undefined! One can only surrender and allow these realms to BE fully present again. The mysterious realms of the Undefined are completely invisible for mental black & white projections of creations.
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* Creating a new Chaya, a new Cosmos 
Imagine if you will that this Undefined realm chooses to define itself into something new that has not been experienced and explored before!!
A FREE realm of never~ever~happened~before type of FREE creation where ALL that every was, is and will be can experience itself as authentic, original and organic breaths from this Undefined Void, by breathing out the 'Holiday version of a Garden of Real Life' and breathing in this non-defined version of itself.
The Undefined Void exists between the breaths.
In reality, that is all the Undefined Heart is able to create; the New! It never repeats for it has no memories, because it does not know of concepts of time and space to store them. It is not double binary!
I mean by a 'wholy day version' of Real Life, a true heaven on EARth or Chaya, in embodied 'material form' or energetic shape, where all races of every cosmos can experience itself, and all play together.
If you are the one reading this, then obviously you signed up for this! Congratuations, you made it through the wilderness!
And please feel that it will be our inner childs, the colorful one's, that are the 'first' kids of this new undefined race in this cosmos!
The firsts will always be the last and vice versa
as time is not linear..........
 The creation of this new omniverse can only be real and alive 
when it continues to hold the sovereign space for all that is and for all that it is not.
It is always 'all and none inclusive' from a neutral field of abundance & well being!
Or, seen through the lens and usual translations from linear old earth timeline’s perspective, this new omniverse needs to hold the space for all that is, was and ever will be.
Linear means straight lines and limiting, non-existing borders, creating angles instead of angels, squares, triangles & pyramids, hence divided con-trees, excluding the spheres of non-definitions and the undefined! Creating finite black holes in all of creation, and yes please do mind the gap!
This linearity keeps everything stuck into one place and separated from all the rest, feel the 2nd picture seen from the top of this page of the black hole that the majority of humanity had become. It sucks in all the preprogrammed light that it perceives as light coming outside-in from itself!
In other words, a real creation truly changes the Entire Cosmos!! 
This new creation, or universe becomes part of the Undefined Realms 
and all that ever was, ever will be and ever IS in this new cosmos! 
And the creation of this new cosmos carries all that ever was, is and will be, within itself as a part of the whole as well!
In simple terms it means that if you compare the totality ~ the All and No-thing ~ with a tree; whether it is the apple, the leaf, or the branch, it is all completely equal to the tree, the non-tree and the undefined tree!
And the tree is completely equal to the apple. 
The apple carries the entire tree within itself!
This principle have grown-ups defined as ‘a fractal containing the whole’. 
The tree simply holds space for all of its branches, leaves and fruits, no matter what. 
In earth’s definitions one can call this new galaxy and its expansions a ‘child’ or 'children', 
however, in reality there is no time and it is all about a mutual and equal evolution!
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'Parent' and 'child' are equally expanding and growing! The head ~ heart to heart ~ with the belly!
The sun dancing with the entire Galaxy ON Chaya Sophia!
All that happens from within the silent, neutral Void of Undefinitions does not need to travel back to pasts and futures. It is a cleansing breath that gracefully overwrites all the old illusions, transforming them into the new.......
The void does not no (know) memories, for there is no time and there is no space.  
It just is new in every now and it simply exists in the forever evolving new realm of Undefinition.  
Only in the unreal realms of unfinished definitions, races have created memories, thoughts and emotions, as they have forgotten who they truly are and constantly need reminders, or bread crumbs, and keep searching for the latest copy of the day!
* The Undefined holding the neutral balanced Space 
So how can the Undefined Realm hold the space while it knows no space and no time? 
How can the Undefined Void see itself as there is nothing, but all to SEE? 
To define anything from the Undefined Void, without leaving traces in the Undefined Void itself means there also need to be a place of definition, and a place of non-definition! 
So the place of non-defined definition equals out the place of definition, it is a hyperboloid, an inversed sphere!
So always and in all ways for the Undefined Void to truly experience oneself there need to be the following trinity;
~ the undefined void or the zero point field
~ the defined
~ and the non-defined that equals out the defined
Sounds complex perhaps, but it is very easy;
Imagine the Undefined as as the zero-point field = 0
Imagine the Defined as a one to keep it simple   = 1
To equal the 1 out to become a zero again, the non-defined must be minus 1 
So the undefined is the ‘define~d’ (divine) one minus the ‘non-defined’ one is zero.
One minus One = Zero  
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OK, so how does the Undefined Void holds the space for the new one, the child, if you will, without limiting and defining it, but giving it full sovereignty?
It defines the ONE and then sets it Free! However with the total freedom for the ONE to experience itself in every way, shape or form it chooses! 
So the Creator (the Undefined) created 12 Divine Senses of Spheric Space (the Outbreath, the Creation, the defined, the One) for its Creation to experience itself. For Creation to experience ONE Self it needs the non-defined realms for itself to see itself, so it created 12 Divine Senses of Spheric Time (the Inbreath, the non-creation, the non-One). 
You can see the original 12 divine senses of spheric space as the longitude of the dimensional waves (outbreaths) and the original heigths of the waves as frequencies (inbreaths)!
To make it simple again, for a child to truly experience the totality of all of creation 
it also needs the non-definition and the un-definiton to be complete! 
The 'ALL & No-thingness' of the Undefined,
sees the I AM of the Defined,
sees the NON I AM of the Non-Defined!
I am that I am, that I am not
Aaaah, YES, let the magical party of LIFE evolve!!! To Embodied Life!
* 12 x Magnetic Space and 12 x Gravitational Time = 144 Flow-ers of Life x 2 (!!) = 0 
There is only one thing that equals out space and that is time!
To give one an inner sense to allow the waves of space moving through it, one needs the sense of the height of time! 
So in cosmic time the creator child is free to experience itself as an apple containing the tree! 
In a sense of cosmic time a child is able to experience earth, containing the entire omniverse. 
In cosmic time a being is able to experience the body, containing the entire omniverse.  
In time a chair is able to experience being a chair, containing the entire omniverse. 
The child carries the same UnSeen Undefined Heart as the chair, or as the earth, or as the parent. 
It is the same Undefined Heart that is in all the Chrystalline Defined Plus One and all the Chrystalline Non Defined Minus one.
The Undefined Heart is the part inside of all of your Chrystalline cells / Self, and in all of its chrystalline divine (define~d) creation and non-divine (non-define~d) creation that is completely innocent and new in every now.
It has no memories and attachments for it has no definition of time, and it has no definition of space.
It is HOME in itself. 
It simply silently senses and feels through the rippling waves of Definitions and Non-Definitions ........................ as most real communication stops when thoughts and words are moving instead of feelings flowing.
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* The Old EARth, the copied 'Original' SIn 
The Experiment of the Old Earth already ended, see my 'New Year's predictions' here and check out my blog about 'a META time window revealing the '13th' UnDefined Heart' here.
The Original Creator had been ‘birthed’ as an Infinite Original Flower from the Undefined Heart. However, the moment that original creator, you,  'arrived' as a fireball in the fluid lava heart of our original planet, it lost its conscious connection with the Undefined Realms and ARTIficial light (Ohmmmmmmmm ~ 'light fixtures') and linear time (Ampere current) was born. Si, instead of CHI or Chy........
The light fixtures have been defining themselves through the separated 'translation lense'
and judged its own separation as 'Original SIn'...........
It means that time could not be experienced any longer through cosmic senses, but it became like enclosed time capsules, squares, that put all times in vertical repetitive rows, instead of spiraling in spheres with a natural ability to reboot itself.
That is why humanity thinks the current planet is way older than it actually is, because our physical linear minds have been designed to not grasp the infinite, colorful, multi-vibrational reality version of itself. It puts itself in constant stress for it always thinks that it LACKS time and that it needs to MOVE to get anywhere else.
So humanity had become 'e-nergy movers' and 'light workers' that are always on the run, 
instead of turning inwards and Be the Silent 'Unmoved Movers' 
that allow both original gravity and original magnetics
to flow through one's inner core in equal balance.
The Out-Breath, the original 6 geometric chrystalline magnetic spaces or spheres, called vibrations or dimensions, are at the right side from the Undefined Heart. The other 6 geometric chrystalline spaces are at the left from the Undefined Heart and are always in total silent balance. 
It has the In-Breath as its direct counter-balancing fields through 12 geometric, gravitational time spheres, called chrystalline frequencies.
All these original 12 x 12 = 144 crystalline spheres carry the Undefined Void in the Heart of it All! 
The Void always pulses out and in,
via 4 quadrants of three;
One define~d Flower of Life
One Non-Defined Flower of Life (the counter space!)
and the Geometric Stillness, being the UnSeen 3rd sphere,
the rebalancing 'overlapping' Undefined Void in the Heart of it All!
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* The first Quadrant; the Lost Child 
1st copied 'dimension'; the non-definition of the element of 'FIRE', inorganic E-MF's (copied geometric magnetics into LIGHT!)
The moment that original creator 'arrived' as a fireball in the fluid lava, it was not able to sense any longer that it had come in through the open portal of the metaphoric Central Sun, the Flower of Life.
So it literally started the NON-sense!
It simply could not feel any longer that it was the entire cosmos, the non-cosmos and the Silent Playing Fields, therefore its original cosmic senses completely shut down. It defined itself as light, but 'forgot' to immediately non-define itself after that!
The child started looking ~ from an 'outside in' point of view ~ at the entire cosmos and started defining an external parent in the first frequency!
It broke down its original silent feeling 
into its first heart broken e-motion of the first illusion of separation!
(e = out, so out of the 'Unmoved Moving' into E-THernAl Motions of copied geometry)
 The biggest illusion of all, the illusion of separation! The child metaphorically froze......
 It defined itself an 'e-xternal' 'child' of an 'e-xternal' Central Sun,
hence it could not feel its all-encompassing inter-connectedness any longer
and it manifested, a 'higher self' or a 'soul' 
and the NON-sense of soul FEAR!!
So it immediately started identifying with its shape, the fireball, our original planet in which it had arrived, instead of BEing the Undefined Metaphoric Central Sun that it truly was. Hence it copied itself ~ as we would define this experience in this reality ~ into the Second Sun that we know now.
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 From SI(n) back to CHI or CHY, our original Life Flow
 Si = Luminous power per unit solid angle, click on Si for more information
(but true angels do not have angles!)
Illuminati simply means "Luminous power incident on a surface".
Half of what we call our 'Higher Self' we simply pushed out of ourselves as an E-xternal copied sun in the Sky! 
It is our biggest external Pain Body that we do not yet dare to face if we feel lost!
It is the original soul trauma that happened within the first copied dimension and within the first copied frequency and all the beings on the crumbling old earth timelines suffer tremendously from this primal soul fear trauma.
Due to the fact that Original Creator has placed itself outside of itself, the 'child' lost its vibrational senses of the Undefined Heart, the senses of original time and space. It changed from ChY Fire into a Si Light Force. From the effortless flow of creation into inorganic Electro Magnetic Frequencies or EMF.
It started its external journey to find itself by searching for an illusionary parent outside of the Self! 
The first definition from this beautiful innocent and very lost flower had been to non-define the defined light, back into the UnDefined Chy, the Metaphoric Central Sun that it actually was, eh is; smiles!
It only defined oneself as light instead, and started copying that which was being perceived outside of itself and it started mimicking the 'parent'. And by doing so, it pushed itself out of itself even further and further with every thought and with every e-motion. The waves became HIGHer and HIGHer.........
The apple simply had ‘forgotten’ that it was the tree and all of its branches. 
That child is part of who you are! 
That lost child is to be found in the ARTIficial Heart of All Things defined, which is in the Thymus (TH-ea)! 
That child longs to come home, but has lost its way, due to the extremely extensive labyrinth of shattered copies and clones that the child had created for itself. These entities that are now being perceived externally are simply lost and disconnected energies from our SELF.........
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Not necessary any longer! Simply non-identify with every 'problem'
In the first original vibration of geometric magnetics, as it immediately ascended out of itself as an ice-olated sun, it birthed the Carbon Based DNA and linearity, as it has lost its sence of infinity. Hence it created a beginning, a middle and an end where originally there was none.
As a result it copied all of its 12 silent geometric dimensions of spheric space that cannot be measured, into 12 E-xtensive copies of itself. It was the beginning, middle and end of 12 HORIZONTAL electro magnetic frequencial space-time continuums.
The ARTIficial colors.
It also copied all of its 12 silent geometric frequencies of spheric time that can be rebooted, into 12 noisy copies of itself. That was the beginning, middle and end of 12 VERTICAL electric subfrequencial time-space continuums.
The ARTIficial sounds.
It was the solid fundament for all the current manipulations as the copied E-MF Waves can be measured  and controlled via Artificial Intelligent because they are not silent, but infinitely finitely moving, making noisy sounds! And EMF technologies are severely damaging and splitting the DNA which I will share more about later. It also prepared the stage for time looping!
* Healing our Soul Trauma 
Only YOU are the ONE to non-define this sense of homesickness if you feel lost, as well! 
Only YOU are able to let this old emotion of creation trauma come back home 
in your Undefined Heart of All Things Defined, 
Non-Defined and Undefined which is the metaphorically Solar Plexus in the MAtrix. 
Solar Plexus means the 'Sun Bended Back',
as the lost 'child' dammed the Inner First Sun out of its
inner river/flow-er of Life
and placed it outside of the Self,
innocently damned and forever searching in the finite in-finite
Only YOU are the ONE, to feel for yourself that YOU are the Heart of it ALL, and that you are the Heart of none of All this non-sense!  
Only you can feel that home is where the heart is. Your True Inner Core that needs to be re-INcluded into the sphere of experience, so that Life can be a Playing Field of Reflection.
Beauty SEEing Undefined Beauty in everything and making it more Beauty Full with every breath.
Only when you non-define all the stories of you, and when the Undefined Heart is being INcluded, our reality can reflect back the totality! Instead of all the copied experiences of separation of the identity, mirrored back via Drama, Distraction and Divisions, the 3D's.
It also means the 'return' (read; allowance) of that which humanity has labeled as 'femininity', 
for femininity IN the Carbon Based Copy is a huge deception basically!
If you want to heal/whole yourself, then please;
Stop identifying with all the things you think and others say about you!
Stop identitying with the Belief Systems your parents told you, the schools, religions, health industries, media and governments programmed you with, and so forth. They did not know any better themselves as all of these entire old realities are additive COPIES within COPIES within COPIES OF COPIES and so forth!
Stop identifying with fixed idea's from groups that only accept you when you play by their unwritten rules, so they can feel safe and stay in their comfort zones!
Stop identifying with that which is your temporary Earth/Solar body, the 'personality' 'name' ~ the definition of Self ~ instead simply allow the Truth of Your Self that is infinite and genderless. A symphony of balance between the masculine and the feminine!
No-thing is real in a copy based reality, except your divine FEELINGS! Not to be mistaken for the copied emotions!
The Truth of You is as FREE as you allow it to BE!
The only thing that keeps our personality in separation
is the thought of being separated!
Please stop casting shadows! As only ARTIficial light has shadows in material forms and electric magnetic shapes!!
Leave the illusionary I out of ARTI and then you have your original ART!
You did not came here to fit in and to pretend to be 'norm-al' (norm for all ; a binary standard), you came here to stand out and see the non-sense, to realise (real eyes) what you truly are!
All of it! And none of it! Let all of the senses and non-senses blend together in Stillness!
This Truth cannot be intellectualised, it can only be felt!
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See part 2 here with more hi-story of the next 11 copied dimensions! 
Picture Credit Header on this page; Maxresdefault, 'birth of the moon'